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Join a meeting

These instructions are for Enterprise Meet hardware accounts only. For help with Meet on Web, Android, and iOS, go to the Google Meet Help Center.

To join a meeting, you need a:

  • Location to call in from—Your room needs Google Meet hardware, a Chromebox, or a Chromebase. You can also use a personal device, such as a laptop.
    Note: To use a Chromebox or Chromebase as a conferencing system, you need a license and annual subscription fee for each device.

  • Way to join the meeting—To call in, you need a link in a Google Calendar invitation or in an email. Or, you need the name of the meeting or meeting code, which you can enter on the room display or from a browser. How you join the meeting depends on the place you’re calling in from.

If you weren’t included in another organization's Calendar event for the meeting, a participant from that organization must approve your request. You must also be approved if you're not signed in to a Google Workspace account.

Tip: To make sure you don't join a meeting with an expired code and to better plan for the future meetings you create, check when meeting codes expire. Learn about Google Meet meeting codes.

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Join a scheduled meeting

To join a meeting that was scheduled using Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, see the instructions below.

Join from Google Meet hardware

Google Calendar

The meeting code is the unique code at the end of the meeting link, such as abc-defg-hjk.

  1. Select the meeting name.
  2. Get the meeting code and enter it manually.

If your Google Meet hardware is assigned to your personal calendar, the event information appears when someone adds you to a meeting.

Microsoft Outlook

Enter the meeting name manually.

The name appears in your Outlook invitation. For details, see Add Meet meetings to Outlook.

Join from a personal device

Tip: You might hear feedback if you join from a laptop while inside a meeting room. Be sure to mute the microphone.

Join the scheduled meeting using one of the following methods:

Google Calendar
  1. Open the Calendar event.
  2. Click Join with Google Meet.
  3. In the screen that appears, click Join now when you’re ready.
Microsoft Outlook
  1. Click the meeting link in the Microsoft Outlook invitation to join. 
  2. After the meeting starts, select Invite people  to invite additional users, including people outside your organization. For details, see Add people to a meeting.
What if my meeting doesn't appear on the Chromebox or Chromebase display?

Sometimes people schedule rooms for a meeting, but they forget to add a meeting. If that happens, you have 2 options:

Ask the meeting organizer to update the invitation.

  1. Ask the organizer to add a meeting to the Calendar invitation and resend it.
  2. Wait for the meeting to show up under Calendar on the display.
  3. Point the remote at the meeting under Calendar.
  4. Press Select on the remote to start the meeting.

Get the meeting name or code and enter it.

  1. Ask the organizer to create a meeting and give you the name of the meeting or the meeting code.
  2. Use the keyboard on the back of the remote to enter the information.
  3. Point the remote at Join.
  4. Press Select on the remote to start the meeting.
What if the meeting doesn't start when I select the meeting?

If the meeting doesn't start when you select a scheduled meeting on Google Meet hardware, verify that:

  • A meeting was added to the meeting event.
  • All of the Google service requirements were complete before the meeting was created.

Join an unscheduled meeting

You can also use Meet hardware for unscheduled meetings. All you need is a meeting name or code.

Join from Google Meet hardware
  1. Find an available Meet hardware room.
  2. Tap Join or start a meeting (for Meet hardware) or use the remote control (for Chromebox) to navigate to Join or start a meeting
  3. Press Select on the remote.
  4. Take note of the unique meeting code, which is displayed on the upper-left corner of the screen, for example abc-defg-hjk.
  5. Share the meeting code with the people you’re meeting.
Join from a personal device

If you're not in a Meet hardware room, you can join a meeting from wherever you're using a personal device.

If your organization uses Google Workspace

  1. Open a Chrome Browser window.
  2. Enter in the address bar.
  3. Enter the meeting code.
  4. Click Join.

Tip: You might hear feedback if you join from a laptop while inside a Meet hardware room. Be sure to mute the microphone.

If you’re using a mobile device or if you’re signed in to a Google Account outside your organization's domain, such as a personal account, you must be invited to the meeting after it begins. For details, see Add people to a meeting.

If your organization doesn't use Google Workspace

You must be invited to the meeting after it begins. For details, see Add people to a meeting.

Join a meeting outside your organization

To join a meeting with people outside your organization, enter the meeting name.

To use this method, the host organization must start the meeting, the meeting must allow external guests to join using the meeting link, and a participant from the host organization must accept your invitation to join. For details, see Add people to a meeting.

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