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There are 3 basic steps for creating a hotel list:
  1. Set up: We’ll ask questions to determine the best list delivery mode for your hotels.
  2. Manage: This is where you upload your file. It can take up to one hour to process. If you are having uploading issues, contact your account manager.
  3. Publish: After your hotel information is uploaded, you can publish. This can take up to one business day. You'll receive an email notifying you that your hotel information is now live. 

For more information on creating an XML-based feed, see Data Feeds Overview

Listing Requirements

To be eligible for Google Hotel Ads, a property in your hotel list must have the following:

  • Rooms in which paying guests can stay
  • A physical presence and fixed location that is open to the public
  • A staffed front desk open during normal business hours
  • A minimum stay requirement of no greater than 7 days

You can include only those properties that meet the above criteria in your hotel list.

Common examples of ineligible properties include cruises, vacation rentals, and apartments because they usually don't meet the above criteria.

Data quality

Google attempts to match properties in your hotel list to businesses on Google Maps. If your property has missing or incorrect information, it may not be matched.

Our goal in processing your hotel list is to map your hotel IDs to the canonical listings in Maps. As a result, you can send your hotel IDs in any of our feeds and APIs and we will know which property you are referencing. This is important for updating prices via Transaction messages, bidding via our Bids API, or calling our read-only APIs, where you'll be able to use your hotel IDs to write or read information about a specific property.

To see a list of which hotels are matched and which have data issues, use the Matching Report.

You will not be able to advertise unmatched properties. When creating your hotel list, please provide all required fields and ensure that the data is accurate.

Create a hotel list

You can create a hotel list either as a CSV file (recommended) or XML file. Google recommends that you use the CSV syntax for integrations with static hotels or hotels with a single language. For larger or more advanced configurations, you can use the XML syntax, as described in hotel list XML Reference.

CSV Syntax

A hotel list CSV file consists of a single header row with the names of the columns, plus an additional row for each hotel in the feed.
The first row specifies the names of the columns to be used in the feed. For example:

Not all fields are required. The following table describes each of the available fields:

Column Required? Description
id Required A unique identifier for the hotel. This value must be unique to your site.
name Required The name of the hotel. For example, "Mabel's Gabels".
address Required*

The free form full address of the hotel. For example, “66 Acacia Avenue, 6th Floor, Suite 610, Boston, Massachusetts, 02467.

Note: If you have already provided addr1, city, state, or postal_code, don't include the address field. Likewise, if you have already provided the address field, don't include the addr1, city, state, or postal code.

addr1 Required The primary street address of the hotel. For example, "66 Acacia Avenue". Note that P.O. boxes or other mailing-only addresses are not considered full physical addresses.
addr2 Optional The optional secondary street address of the hotel. For example, "6th Floor".
addr3 Optional A third optional portion of the street address of the hotel. For example, "Suite 610".
city Required The hotel's city. For example, "London".
province Required The hotel's state, province, or region. For example, "Greater London" or "Massachusetts".
postal_code Required The hotel's postal code. For example, "90210".
country Required The hotel's country. The value must be an ISO 3116 uppercase 2-letter country code. For example, United States is "US" and Canada is "CA".
phone Required* The main voice telephone number for the hotel. For example, "617-867-5309".
latitude Required* The latitude that corresponds to the location of the listing. For example, "37.423738".
longitude Required* The longitude that corresponds to the location of the listing. For example, "-122.090101".
category Optional The category of the hotel. For example, “Hotel”, “Bed and Breakfast”, or “Motel”.
star_rating Optional The hotel class in terms of star ratings. The value must be a whole number between 1 and 5 inclusive or blank. For example, “1” for a one star hotel, “5” for a five star hotel, or “” for an unknown star rating.
hotel_brand Optional The brand to which this hotel belongs. For example, “Marriott” or “Hilton”.
custom_0 Optional A custom attribute for grouping hotels in Google Ads campaigns. For example “City Center” or “Beachfront”. There are 5 such fields that can be used in this manner that are not interchangeable. For example, a hotel with custom_0 = “City Center” will not be grouped with a hotel with custom_4 = “City Center”.
custom_1 Optional
custom_2 Optional
custom_3 Optional
custom_4 Optional
*Either a phone number OR latitude/longitude are required. Both are preferred

When specifying data in your feed, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Google recommends that you edit the data with Google Sheets, Excel, or other spreadsheet application and export the file as a CSV.
  • The columns can be in any order you choose, but the column names must match the values above.
  • All columns must be separated with a comma.
  • If one of the values contain a comma, you must surround the value with quotes. For example, "Emerson, Lake, and Powell Hotel".
  • If no listings contain a value for a particular column, you can leave out the column (unless it is required).

Freeform addresses

Rather than using separate columns for each part of an address, you can use a single column, address, to specify a "freeform" address. Structured addresses are preferred.

When you specify freeform address values, separate each element with a comma (e.g. "76 Buckingham Palace Road, London, Greater London, SW1W 9TQ").

Note: You must surround the value of the address column with quotes. The quotes help to avoid "Missing street name/number" errors in your Matching Report.

The address column replaces the addr1, addr2, addr3, city, province, and postal_code columns. If you specify a freeform address, you must still specify the country column.

CSV examples

The following example shows a simple hotel list with one hotel that includes both the phone and coordinate values: id,name,addr1,city,province,postal_code,country,phone,latitude,longitude

123abc,Belgrave House,76 Buckingham Palace Road,London,Greater London,SW1W 9TQ,UK,123-456-7890,35.070374,-106.213648

The following example shows a hotel that includes coordinate values only (no phone number):


123abc,Belgrave House,76 Buckingham Palace Road,London,Greater London,SW1W 9TQ,UK,123-456-7890

The following example shows a hotel that uses the freeform address style:


123abc,Belgrave House,"76 Buckingham Palace Road, London, Greater London, SW1W 9TQ",UK,123-456-7890,35.070374,-106.213648

Upload a hotel list

After you create a hotel list, you can use the Hotel Center to upload it.

To access the Hotel Center and upload your hotel list:

  1. Open the Hotel Ads Center in a browser.
  2. Select the Tools tab.
  3. In the page menu on the left, click Upload.
  4. Answer the Set up questions including the type of file you want to use for your hotel list.
  5. Upload your CSV or XML file (can take up to one hour).
  6. Publish your Hotel list (can take up to one business day). After your hotel list has been processed, you can make it your live feed by using the Hotel List Matching Report. For more information, see Publishing your list.
  7. To view the details of your match estimate, use the Matching Report in Hotel Ads Center.

After your feed is processed, check your Matching Report in the Hotel Ads Center to see which hotels, if any, did not match. Fix any data issues and resubmit in the Hotel Center.

Publishing your list

After you have uploaded at least one hotel list, you can choose which one to use as the live version.

To choose the live hotel list:

  1. Open the Hotel Ads Center in a browser.
  2. Select the Tools tab.
  3. In the page menu on the left, click Upload.
  4. On the Publish tab, click Publish to set your list live.
Tip: You can also restore previous uploads by hovering your mouse over the file name and clicking Republish this file.
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