Categories for lodging businesses

Different types of hotels and vacation rentals

Google uses different categories to help people understand what kind of lodging they’ll find at a given location. By picking the right category for your business, you can help the right customers find you.

Lodging accommodations fall into 3 distinct categories: hotels, vacation rentals, or outdoor lodging.

You can determine your lodging category by asking these questions. Does your business:

  • Have a front desk or on-site management?
  • Accept overnight guests?
  • Have their property and business address listed publicly?

If you answer “yes” to all of these questions, your business is a hotel or a related category. If you answer “no” to any of these questions, your business is likely a vacation rental or outdoor lodging.

If you don't know if your lodging business is a hotel, vacation rental, or outdoor lodging, check the categories below to find the best fit for your business.

Note: If you think your business has been placed in the wrong category, contact technical support or request to chat with a support specialist.

Hotel properties on Google

For your hotel property to be eligible on Google, your business should be able to accept overnight guests and must have a front desk and a manager or owner on-site. Your property should also have your business address and property name listed publicly.

Note: The name of your business doesn’t affect your lodging category. For example, a business named “Main Street Hotel” might be properly classified as an inn or a bed and breakfast rather than a hotel, depending on the services it offers. Alternatively, the name of your lodging category does determine in which searches your property appears.
Hotel rentals: hotel [icon] Hotel A hotel provides basic services like room service and professional housekeeping. A hotel usually:
  • Has a front desk that may have limited operating hours
  • Accepts guests for overnight stays
Hotel rentals: Motel [icon] Motel A motel is a roadside hotel mainly for motorists. Motels usually have:
  • Rooms arranged in low buildings
  • Parking directly outside the guest room
Hotel rentals: hostel [icon] Hostel A hostel offers affordable, dorm-style (bunk bed) rooms and can:
  • Cater to travelers with a common interest or age group
  • Require a membership
  • Offer private rooms for families or groups
Hotel rentals: resort hotel [icon] Resort hotel A resort hotel is usually spread out over more land than a hotel and offers:
  • Extra amenities like beach access, skiing, or spa treatments
  • Restaurants or all-inclusive dining options
  • Athletic or social activities
Hotel rental: Mountain hut [icon] Mountain hut (Lodge) A mountain hut or lodge is located in a rural area usually by a mountain, lake, forest, or river. It usually has:
  • A front desk or host on-site
  • A single building or several cottages
  • Nature-related activities like hiking, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, or skiing
Hotel rental: Camping cabin [icon] Camping cabin A camping cabin usually has cottages or cabins and offers:
  • Shared facilities, like kitchens, bathrooms, and other amenities
  • Plumbing or climate control that may or may not be on-grid
  • Options for travelers to camp in a tent or bring their recreational vehicle
Hotel rentals: aparthotel [icon] Extended stay hotel (Aparthotel) An extended stay hotel or aparthotel is a self-catered, fully-furnished apartment that has:
  • An individual kitchen
  • A front desk with limited operating hours
Hotel rental: Love Hotel [icon] Love hotel A love hotel is for adults only and is:
  • Open for overnight guests
  • Oriented around privacy for romantic activities
Hotel rentals: inn [icon] Inn An inn is primarily a restaurant, cafe, pub, or brewery that:
  • Also offers lodging
  • Uses fewer than 20 rooms for lodging
Hotel rentals: Guest house [icon] Bed and breakfast (Guest house or pension) A bed and breakfast (sometimes known as a guest house or pension) is a private or small commercial property that usually has:
  • The owner or manager present
  • A shared kitchen or provides home-cooked meals
Hotel rentals: farm stay [icon] Farm stay A farm stay is a working farm, ranch, or vineyard that:
  • Provides overnight stays
  • Has the owner or management on-site
  • Has workers or farmhands present
Hotel rental: Japanese Inn [icon] Japanese inn (Ryokan)* A Japanese inn (sometimes known as a Ryokan) is a traditional inn where guests sleep in a Japanese-style room. It may have:
  • Locations in both rural and urban areas
  • Amenities that range from basic to luxurious
  • A bed or a futon for sleeping
Hotel rental: Capsule hotel [icon] Capsule hotel (Pod hotel) A capsule hotel or a pod hotel usually offers:
  • Compact sleeping spaces arranged in rows and often stacked
  • Shared amenities, like lockers and bathrooms
Hotel rentals: dharamshala [icon] Religious accommodation A religious accommodation is lodging used for religious purposes. It’s usually:
  • Found within a religious property such as a church, temple, monastery, or dharamshala
  • Associated with a religion, but it doesn’t require guests to practice any religion
A custom icon representing a budget Japanese inn, also known as a minshuku. Budget Japanese inn (Minshuku) A Budget Japanese inn (sometimes known as a Minshuku) is a traditional inn where guests sleep in a Japanese-style room. It may:
  • Be family-run
  • Have tatami mat flooring
  • Offer a futon for sleeping
A custom icon representing a holiday park. Holiday park*

A Holiday park consists of multiple dwellings, such as bungalows, cottages, cabins, or mobile homes, within an enclosed area and:

  • Must offer at least one shared facility or amenity (for example, a swimming pool, communal bathroom, or reception area)
  • Usually doesn’t have on-site personnel
  • Must have at least one of the following (on or off-grid): plumbing, electricity, or climate control
*Note: Japanese Inn (Ryokan) is only applicable for properties in Japan. Holiday park is only applicable for properties in AU, NZ, and European countries.

Vacation rental (VR) properties on Google

For your vacation rental property to be eligible on Google, your property must provide a furnished space that’s private to the guest who’s renting it. A vacation rental must also accept short-term, overnight reservations and be managed and cleaned in-between stays.

Vacation rental (VR) categories

Vacation rentals: apartment [icon] Apartment An apartment or flat:
  • Is located in a multi-unit building or complex
  • Has other residents living within the area
Vacation rentals: bungalow [icon] Bungalow A bungalow is a single-level home that usually has:
  • A front porch
  • A sloping roof
Vacation rentals: cabin [icon] Cabin A cabin is a small house that’s usually:
  • Built with logs or wood
  • Located by the forest or mountains
Vacation rentals: chalet [icon] Chalet A chalet is a house built with wood and sloping roofs that’s usually:
  • Found in locations popular for skiing
  • Used as a summer home
Vacation rentals: cottage [icon] Cottage A cottage is a cozy house that’s usually:
  • Located in rural areas
  • Near a lake or a beach
Vacation rentals: gite [icon] Gite A gite is a vacation home found in French-speaking regions of Europe. It’s typically:
  • Found in rural, countryside locations
  • A converted cottage or barn
  • Near a primary residence
Vacation rentals: holiday village [icon] Holiday village rental A holiday village rental is a unit in a self-catered resort where visitors:
  • Stay in villas or apartments co-located with other residences
  • Have access to a central area with shops, entertainment, and amenities
Vacation rentals: house [icon] House A house is a stand-alone residential building that may share:
  • A wall (like a duplex)
  • An outdoor space
Vacation rentals villa [icon] Villa A villa is a luxurious house that usually has:
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Large gardens
  • A swimming pool
A custom icon representing an uncategorized vacation rental. Vacation rental (other) Vacation rental (other) is an option you can use if:
  • Your property is a lodging business
  • Doesn’t fall under any of the categories mentioned

Outdoor lodging on Google

Outdoor lodging properties with an open area for tents or a simple roof and walls where guests can sleep are eligible on Google. An outdoor lodging property doesn’t have climate control or indoor plumbing in the units, but it may have them in shared facilities, like communal washrooms.

Outdoor lodging categories

A custom icon depicting a campground. Campground A campground is an accommodation that offers guests:
  • A stay in a simple structure or tents
  • Communal areas, like washrooms and recreation spaces
  • Amenities, like a beach or a lake
A custom icon depicting an RV Park. Recreational vehicle (RV) park An RV park is an accommodation that allows guests to:
  • Bring their RVs
  • Park overnight
Vacation rentals: house boat [icon] Houseboat A houseboat is also known as a floating home and usually:
  • Ranges from sailboats to luxury yachts
  • Remains moored to the dock when guests are visiting

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