VR partners: Starter guide

VR partners (Step 2: Set up your vacation rental list)

A depiction of a hotel partner setting up their vacation rental list.

The vacation rental list contains all the properties that a partner wishes to show on Google, including: name, geocode locations, image and website URLs, and amenities. If you're unsure whether your property is a vacation rental or hotel, refer to our categories for hotels and lodging businesses.


There are 2 options to provide your vacation rental listing.

[Recommended] Option 1: Structured Data Markup

This method is the preferred approach for partners with smaller inventories including property managers who prefer a simpler setup and maintenance. Partners simply need to mark up their site with structured data and Google can crawl it to generate the listing feed.

Option 2: XML List feed

The method is a good option for connectivity partners and partners with larger inventories. For initial ingestion, partners will share a list with Google based on the specifications provided in the Hotel List XML Reference. However, unlike hotel lists, partners should include relevant attributes specific to vacation rentals.

After the listing feed is provided to Google, ingestion can take approximately 2 to 4 weeks, during which Google will be in touch with partners to assist with troubleshooting and optimizing their feeds.

Note: While omitting attribute values listed as “Optional (strongly recommended)”, don't prevent the list from validating, as doing so may result in the listing not showing in search results with certain filters applied.

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