Advanced: Migrate clusters of hotels with manual bid multipliers

Create one campaign and multiple ad groups for each cluster of hotels with manual bid multipliers


Note: This article applies only to Hotel campaigns in Hotel Ads Center. If you're migrating to Google Ads, you should read Migrate to Hotel campaigns in Google Ads.

If you prefer to continue to use fully manual bid multipliers, we recommend you consider creating a new account structure rather than trying to directly migrate your existing bids. See Get started with Hotel campaigns.

To migrate fully manual bids and bid multipliers into a campaign structure without adopting Smart Bidding strategies such as Enhanced CPC, the most straightforward way to migrate is to create one campaign modeled after each set of hotels with similar user country targets (zero bid multipliers). Then, within each campaign, create one ad group modeled after each set of hotels with similar bid multipliers.

Note: This is only recommended for partners with very complex bidding needs, since it requires substantial planning and effort.



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