About remarketing to callers

You can target ads to people who’ve already called your business. Sometimes callers aren’t quite ready to make a purchase, especially for high-touch products and services. Customers often need to compare quotes, research other options, or check their schedule before completing their order.

Sending ads to these potential buyers keeps your business top of mind, as they prepare to make their final decision. It allows you to re-engage with these users through follow-up calls or other ad formats.

This article explains the remarketing list for callers.

How it works

The “all callers” audience list is automatically populated with users who have called one of your business’ call reporting enabled ads or extensions or placed call from a landing page with website call conversions enabled. You can target list members with curated ad formats and custom bid adjustments at the campaign or ad group level. You’re also able to tailor your targeting based on list membership, including excluding previous callers if you only want to focus on new leads.

There’s no setup required, and this list will appear once you enable call reporting. You can access these lists through Audience manager or on the audiences page.

Learn how to add audience targeting.

List membership

Keep in mind, these lists are automatically generated, so you won’t be able to add or remove individual members.

To protect user data, you won’t be able to see the phone numbers of your previous callers or target callers from other advertisers.

Once your list reaches 1,000 members, it’s eligible for audience insights.

Exclude from targeting

You can also exclude your callers from entire campaigns or specific ad groups.This feature is helpful if you’re running a call-only campaign focused on generating new leads. You can ensure that each call generated to your business is coming from a new phone number. This also allows you to avoid follow-up calls from customers who’ve already converted.

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