Managing your campaigns through COVID-19

As communities continue to respond and adjust to COVID-19, we know businesses are facing unique challenges. To help you adapt your digital marketing strategy, we’ve created this Business Guide and the resources below.

Evaluating your campaigns

Text ads icon Search: Full guide  |  Checklist
Display campaigns icon Display: Full guide  |  Checklist
Discovery campaign icon Discovery: Full guide  |  Checklist
Download app icon Apps: Checklist
YouTube logo Video: Checklist
Search Ads 360 logo Search Ads 360: Checklist
Display & Video 360: Checklist 
Bar chart icon Measurement: Checklist 
Local destination icon Local: Checklist

Adapting to industry trends

Shopping cart icon Retail: Full guide  |  Checklist
Icon with a grid of apps Mobile Gaming: Checklist
Hotel campaigns icon Hotel: Checklist
Icon of fork and knife Food and Beverage: Checklist
Arrow showing an upward trend Google Trends: Checklist
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