Adjust to changing customer behavior with measurement tools

How to use measurement tools from Google to navigate the coming months.

You can get insights into how customer behavior has changed due to COVID-19 and then take action to update your marketing strategy with measurement tools from Google. Below you’ll learn about how to get started and find specific tips to help your business navigate the coming months.

Understand the impact of your Google media 

If you’re running marketing campaigns to drive visits to your website or app, it’s important for these visits to turn into sales. Use Attribution to help you understand the paths people take to complete a conversion, and then award credit for that conversion to different ads, clicks, and factors along the way.

  • Use the new look for attribution reports in Google Ads to help you quickly see how customers interact with your marketing throughout the purchase cycle. This makes it easier for you to then take action in the areas that are driving results.
  • Consider data-driven attribution, which uses machine learning to determine how much credit to assign to each click on the customer journey, helping it better account for changes in customer behavior during turbulent times. For example, if you're working on behalf of a grocery store experiencing an increase in online orders from mobile devices, data-driven attribution may indicate that your mobile ads are having a greater impact on driving conversions than you realized, giving you the insight you need to optimize your campaign performance.
  • Check out our official guide to attribution modeling to learn which attribution model is right for your business. 

Measure the online customer journey

The way that your customers interact with you may have changed dramatically in the past few months. Use Google Analytics to help you measure how those changes have impacted your business. 

  • Learn how to get started with Analytics for your website or app.
  • Use reporting shortcuts in Analytics to help you easily get useful insights. For example, if your business has shifted to online only, you need to make sure you’re converting as many site or app visits into sales as possible. You can use a shortcut to see your weekly conversion rate for the last 60 days and identify areas you might be able to improve upon–without digging through multiple reports in your account.

Visualize trends about your business

With so much changing so rapidly, you’ll want to understand how your business has been impacted. Use Looker Studio to help you create a report and visualize the changes that have happened over the past few months. 

  • Check out our guide to quickly get started and our videos to learn the basics.
  • If you’ve connected Looker Studio to your marketing campaigns, consider curated marketing templates to monitor the performance of those campaigns. Let’s say you need to create a report that shows daily online sales from each of your Google Ads campaigns over the last 60 days. You can use one of those templates to quickly build the report and then identify which campaigns are performing best so you can re-allocate your marketing budget to those campaigns.

Keep your website updated 

During this time, you might have different business hours or shipping policies. Instead of having to invest in an additional resource to update your website, you can do it for free with Google Optimize.  

  • Use a new feature in Google Optimize to easily add a message for your customers to the top of your homepage. You can also use our templated banner or customize the message by editing the color, size or text.
  • Create site personalizations with Google Optimize if you need to make other changes throughout your site. Optimize users would normally be limited to running 10 site personalizations at once, but we’ve removed that restriction until July 31, 2020.

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