About TrueView video campaigns

To help you achieve more conversions at an efficient cost, we’re evolving TrueView for action and scaling its best features to more places with Video action campaigns. Video action campaigns allow you to reach more customers in high-performing places on and off YouTube--all within one campaign. Learn how to create a Video action campaign

You can still make changes to your existing TrueView for action campaigns, or you can upgrade your TrueView for action campaigns to Video action campaigns using our copy and paste tool in Google Ads. Starting early 2022, Google Ads automatically upgrades all TrueView for action campaigns to Video action campaigns and opts all Video action campaigns into all video networks. Learn more about the changes to TrueView for action

TrueView video ads are an exciting and interactive way to engage your customers on YouTube and across the web. You can manage your TrueView campaigns in Google Ads, and have control over where your TrueView ads show up, when they run, and who sees them.


  • Tell your story. You’re the expert of your business, so share your expertise with the world. Be personal. Put the camera on yourself and explain how your product or service can benefit your audience. Show them why they should care about your product or brand.
  • Reach just the right audience. Every month, more than a billion people visit YouTube and watch over 6 billion hours of YouTube videos. Reach your customers on YouTube by topics, keywords, or demographics like "women under 35." You can advertise your business in multiple ad formats across YouTube and Google video partners (Google's network of high-quality publisher websites and mobile apps where you can show your video ads to viewers beyond YouTube).
  • Create a video campaign in only a few minutes. Create your account, create or upload your video ad, reach your audience, and you're on your way to telling your story to the world.
  • Measure your success. Figure out if you're reaching the right audience. Check your Google Ads account to track views, costs, and budget details. Visit the "Analytics" tab in your YouTube account, or check your Video Analytics in Google Ads, to learn more about your viewers. For example, you can tell which videos your customers are watching and for how long.
  • Attract people to your business. Encourage potential customers to explore your product or service, share their contact information, and take other actions valuable to your business. For example, using the "Website traffic" goal, you can create ads that drive clicks and encourage conversions on your website through prominent call-to-action buttons.

How it works

There are 2 TrueView ad formats: skippable in-stream ads and in-feed video ads.

Skippable in-stream ads

Image of skippable in-stream ad

  • When to use it: Use this format when you want your video ad to appear before, during, or after other videos on YouTube and Google video partners. A "Skip ad" button also lets viewers opt out of watching the video after 5 seconds.
  • How you're charged: With CPV bidding, you pay when a viewer watches 30 seconds of your video (or the full duration of the video, if it's shorter than 30 seconds) or interacts with your video, whichever comes first.
  • Where the ads can appear: Before, during, or after other videos on YouTube and on Google video partners.

In-feed video ads

Image of video discovery ad

  • When to use it: Use this format to reach people in moments of discovery (such as searching for videos on YouTube).
  • How you're charged: You pay when a viewer selects the video thumbnail and starts watching your video ad.
  • Where the ads can appear: YouTube watch next, search results, and Home feed (mobile only).
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