Placements: Definition

To help you reach more potential customers, your ads will now show on content that matches any of the topics, placements, or Display/Video keywords you target. For example, if you targeted “bikes” as a topic and “cycling” as a Display/Video keyword, your ads will show on content that matches either.

You’ll also notice contextual targeting simplified into a single page in Google Ads, so you can manage all content targeting types (Topics, Placements, Display/Video keywords, and Exclusions) in a single view. The new page can be found in the “Content” section in the left-side menu.

Locations on YouTube and the Display Network where your ad can appear. For example, relevant websites and apps that partner with Google to show ads.

  • A placement can refer to several things, such as an entire website, specific pages from a website, an individual ad unit positioned on a single page, a video, a mobile phone app, and more.
  • You can choose specific locations by adding placement targeting. You can also let Google choose relevant automatic placements for you based on your keywords or other targeting methods.
  • Placements are managed under the “Content” section in the left-side page menu of Google Ads. They can be combined with other targeting methods (such as topics or keywords) so your ads show on content that matches either content targeting method.
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