Automatic placements

A term used in Google Ads reporting to reflect the webpages, videos, and apps on the Display Network where your ads show automatically based on the targeting you've selected. Whereas managed placements are webpages, videos, and apps you specifically select to show your ads, automatic placements are the result of placing your ad based on your other targeting methods, like keywords or topics.

Here's how automatic placements work:

  • If you use a “Display Network only" or "Search Network with Display Select” campaign type, and if you also use a targeting method other than managed placements in those campaigns, then your ads will have the opportunity to show on Display Network websites automatically. These appearances will be reflected as automatic placements on the statistics table of your Placements tab.
  • If you don't want your ads to appear in automatic placements, you can exclusively use managed placements targeting. Add managed placements to your ad group and leave the default targeting setting, “Target and bid” so your ads are eligible to show only on the websites you choose.


If you’re using keywords for targeting in your ad group, we'll try to match your ads to relevant placements based on your keyword list, among other factors. For example, if you have an ad group with keywords related to men’s shoes, your ads in that ad group could show on webpages about shoes. Those websites would appear as automatic placements in the statistics table of your Placements tab.

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