Limited by budget

A campaign status that's used when your average daily budget is lower than the recommended amount. When this happens, ads aren't regularly showing as often as they could.

  • Where you'll see it: A campaign can have the status 'limited by budget' appear in the status column of the campaigns table. This means that your budget is lower than the recommended average daily budget.
  • Why it appears: When your budget is below the recommended amount, it's possible that your budget can't accommodate all of the traffic available for your keywords and other campaign targeting settings. To make sure that your budget lasts throughout the day, Google Ads will reduce how often your ads appear. Ads in the campaign can still appear, but might not appear as often as they could.
  • What it means: A campaign that's limited by budget can still be successful and help you meet your business goals. But there might be opportunities to gain more exposure if you're able to increase your budget.
  • What to do next: Click 'Limited by budget' in the campaigns table to review how much exposure your campaign might receive if you use a different budget. You can also consider lowering your bids in the limited campaign. Or you can lower your bid adjustment to try to fit more clicks or video views within your budget.

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