Deep link

Deep linking takes people to a specific page in an app.

  • For ads on the Web, you can use a simple Destination URL, like, to send people to your website landing page. To send people straight to a product page on the site, you can use a different URL with a little more information, like: For mobile apps, these URLs are called deep links.
  • For your Destination URL in app engagement ads, you can use a link that just opens your app, or a deep link that sends people directly to a specific screen in your app. Tracking parameters are allowed for these links.
  • Deep links aren't set up automatically when you create an app, and they work differently on iOS and Android. For app engagement campaigns on the Search Network, AdWords generates an app URL using your deep link so that your ads are compatible with Google Search.


How deep links appear

Deep links are usually made up of two parts: a scheme and a host and path. App URIs, which are reformatted deep links, include a 3rd part: the app package ID. Your URL may also include a tracking parameter.

  • The app package ID is the unique identifier for your app. Many developers create a package ID using the app’s internet domain in reverse. For example, apps published by Google start with "".
  • The scheme is a part of the link that identifies which app to open. For your app, you can use “http” or a custom scheme that can start with the app or website name.
  • Host and path specify the unique location in the app where your content exists. For your app, you’ll designate the place where people will go when they click on your ad, or what should happen when your app opens.
  Deep link App URI
Definition Deep links specify a location in an app that corresponds to the content that you’d like to show. App URI is a format of the deep link that helps integrate your app with Google Search. You'll see this format when you edit your ads.
Format {scheme}://{host_path} android-app://{package_id}/{scheme}/{host_path}
Example exampleapp://productid_1234 android-app://

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