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The "Status" column shows information about the current state of each campaign in your account at the time you sign in to your Google Ads account. From this page, you can see the status of every campaign you've ever created and detect unexpected problems with your campaigns.

You can see both the status of a campaign itself, and the status of its bid strategy. If your campaign's bid strategy has any issues that could be affecting performance, we'll surface them in the "Status" column.

This article explains each campaign status, what it means, and steps you can take to fix any issues.

Before you begin

You’ll want to understand where in your Google Ads account to Find your campaign status.

Campaign status

Your campaign status shows you whether your campaign is running normally, and how to fix any issues.

Campaign status

What it means

What to do

Eligible Active and can show ads. If your campaign is marked "Eligible" but you’re still not seeing your ad, find out why and fix it.
Paused Inactive because you paused it. Pausing a campaign means that your ads don't show or accumulate new costs until resumed. Find out how to resume your campaign.
Removed Inactive because you removed it. Removing a campaign permanently deletes it. You cannot resume a campaign after you remove it. Learn more about creating and managing multiple campaigns.
Pending Inactive but scheduled to begin at a future date. Find out how to change your campaign’s start date.
Ended Inactive because it's past its scheduled end date. Find out how to change your campaign’s end date.
Limited by budget Active, but showing ads only occasionally due to budget constraints. Learn more about budget recommendations, then adjust your campaign's budget.

Bid strategy status

Your bid strategy status shows you issues with your bid strategies that might be affecting your campaign performance, and how to fix them. Learn more About bid strategy statuses.


Bid strategy status

What it means

What to do


Your bid strategy may be limited by your budget, bids, data, or Quality Score. Find factors that might limit your bid strategy and how to fix them.
Misconfigured Your conversion based bid strategies don’t have the right conversions set up. This status applies to Enhanced CPC, Target CPA, and Target ROAS bid strategies. Verify to make sure your tracking settings are working properly.
Learning After you make a change to your bid strategy, it takes time for Google Ads to gather the performance data it needs to optimize your bids. Verify to make sure your tracking settings are working properly.

Get insights with the bid strategy report

Your bid strategy report gives you a snapshot of key performance metrics and statuses, specific to each type of strategy.

This report shows you how well your strategy has met performance targets over time. It also lets you see how statuses may correlate with changes in campaign performance. Learn more About bid strategy reports.

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