Analytics settings

Analytics settings apply to all apps in your project, and include:

  • Data-sharing options
  • Time zone and currency for reporting
  • Data-retention settings

To configure Analytics settings:

  1. Open your Firebase project.
  2. Click Dashboard, then click (Analytics Settings).
  3. Under Reporting, select the time zone and currency you want to use for your reports.

    Changes to the time-zone setting can introduce data discontinuities. For example, you may experience a partial loss of data that is collected within 1-3 days of your change, or events can be timestamped a day earlier or a day later than expected depending on the the differences in time zones.

    Changes to either setting affect data from the time of the change onward. Historical data is not affected.
  4. Under Data Sharing, select the different ways in which you want to share your Analytics data.
  5. Under User Data Retention, you can:

If you limit the retention of user data to 14 months, then any information associated with conversion events that occured more than 14 months ago will be lost, for example, the Source, Medium, and Campaign information associated with first_open events that occurred more than 14 months ago.

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