Transfer your number to Project Fi

When you have your phone and your Project Fi sim card or eSIM, and you've done all your prep work, you're ready to transfer your number to Project Fi.

Once you have your phone

Set up your SIM card
Make sure your phone is off and insert your SIM card. If you have a Pixel 3 or Pixel 2, you can skip this step and turn on your phone.
Turn on your phone and follow the on-screen instructions

You'll set up the phone and then start your transfer. You'll be asked to enter account info from your current carrier.

Bringing your own Fi-compatible phone? Make sure to follow these steps to activate service before starting your number transfer.

Sit tight while your number is transferred
  • You’ll see the status in the Project Fi app and website. Find out how long transfers usually take.
  • While the transfer is happening, you can still use your old phone for calls and texts until your transfer completes. You’ll also be able to use data on your Project Fi phone while the transfer is happening.
  • You can change your plan while your number is being transferred if you need to. 

After your transfer is done

Make sure you get a notification on your Project Fi phone

You’ll get a notification on your Project Fi phone when your transfer is finished.

If your number transfer doesn't go through, you'll see a notification in the Project Fi app. You can troubleshoot the transfer, or you can always use the buttons below to contact a Project Fi expert.

Keep in mind that some features might not work immediately after your transfer is completed. There might be a brief delay from when your number is ported and you can send and receive text messages again.

Make sure you close your account with your previous carrier

Once you get your Project Fi phone and the transfer is finished:

  • If you had a single line: Make sure your plan with your previous carrier is cancelled.
  • If you had a family plan: Make sure the account owner isn't being charged for the line you transferred out to Project Fi.
  • Many carriers will cancel your line automatically after you transfer out your number, but you should check with the carrier.


If you're having issues porting your number, you can troubleshoot your transfer.

Guide to transferring your number (1:59)

In this video, we’ll cover common questions about transferring your number, then we’ll help you get your number ready to transfer.



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