Activate your Google Fi service

You must activate and use Google Fi in the United States (territories not included). After that, you can use Fi service internationally. We grant exceptions to military and State Department employees who serve abroad.

If you purchase a Fi phone when you sign up for Google Fi, follow the steps below to activate your Google Fi service.

Bringing your own Fi phone? Follow these steps to activate service on a Fi phone that you already own.

Activating a data only SIM? Follow these steps.

Joining a group plan? If someone invites you to join their group, you'll get an email with information on how to accept.

Before you get started

Transferring your number? Read the guide to transfer your number to make sure the transfer goes smoothly. Most transfers take less than 15 minutes but some can take up to 24 hours. Google Voice and landlines can take a few business days.

Have you completed sign up? You must complete the sign up process before attempting to activate Fi services.

Plug in your phone

Connect to a Wi-Fi network

Switching from iPhone? Turn off iMessage to get texts

  • iMessage is an Apple messaging service that allows messages to be sent between Apple devices.
  • Before you can get texts on your new device, turn iMessage off on your Apple devices. Otherwise, text messages might go there instead and you won't see them.
  • For any group texts you were a part of, you'll have to create new threads on your new device and include all participants. You won't receive new messages from existing iMessage group threads once you make the switch.

Step 1: Set up your phone

View a tutorial on how to activate Google Fi on an Android phone.

Insert your SIM card

Insert your SIM card. If you have a Pixel 2 and up, you can skip this step and turn on your phone. If you use a dual SIM device, use the primary SIM slot.

Turn on your phone & follow on-screen steps
  • Open the Google Fi app to complete your activation. 
  • Make sure to sign in with the Google Account (e.g. Gmail) that you used when signing up for Google Fi. 
  • You may be asked to install an update. Your phone will install the update, restart, and then you can continue setting up your phone.
  • You’ll start your number transfer as part of the on-screen set up. If you want a new number, you'll get it when you activate. You can always find your number in the Account tab of the Fi app or website.
Check that the Messages and Google Fi apps are up-to-date

To use Google Fi’s features, you need the latest version of the apps below. Click on the link and then select Update. If you don't see an Update button, your app is up to date.

In general, we recommend keeping all of your phone's apps up to date. Learn how to update apps individually or set apps to update automatically.

Set up your voicemail

Voicemail is set up on your phone automatically, and you can check your voicemail on your phone without any extra steps. Learn how to check your voicemail from your Fi device.

However, to check your voicemail from another phone or create your voicemail greeting, you need to turn on voicemail access from any phone and set a PIN.

Step 2: Make sure everything is up and running

Test calls, texts, and data
  • Make a call. 
  • Send a text.
  • Test your data. Turn off Wi-Fi and make sure your data is working.

Keep in mind that if you just transferred your number to Google Fi, there might be a delay of up to 24 hours before you can send or receive text messages. Please allow up to 24 hours for the activation status to reflect in your Fi app or in your Google Fi account.

If any of these features aren't working, 24 hours after you started your activation, restart your phone (make sure you’re in the US). If these features still don't work, contact a Google Fi expert. 

Keep an eye out for these important features

There are a few features that will work automatically behind the scenes to improve your Google Fi experience. 

  1. Calls over Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi calling expands your coverage in places where the cellular network isn’t as strong. You'll see Wireless Wi-Fi when it's in action. Learn how to make Wi-Fi calls.
  2. Alerts for data usage: You'll get alerts from Google Fi when you close to or hit your monthly data budget.

You can also learn some Google Fi tips & tricks.

If you have more than one Google account on the phone, the Fi account must be the Admin or owner account.

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