Set teacher permissions

This page is for administrators. Teachers go here.

As the G Suite administrator, you decide who is a teacher and then set the teacher permissions for your domain. Classroom automatically creates a teacher group to help identify verified teachers. When users sign in to Classroom for the first time, they identify as teachers or students. Users who identify as teachers are added to Classroom’s teacher group for your review.

Verifying teachers:

  • Prevents non-teachers from creating classes 
  • Allows you to let verified teachers view and manage guardians

Verify teachers

  1. In the Admin Console, turn on Google Groups for Business for yourself. 
  2. In a browser window, open
  3. Next to the user’s name, click Approve applicant or Reject applicant.

You can also add other Google groups to the teacher group. If you use G Suite Directory Sync (GADS) or School Directory Sync (SDS), any other sync tool, or already have a group containing all the teachers or staff in your domain, you can add those groups to Classroom Teachers.

If you use GADS or SDS, you should also manually exclude the Classroom teachers group from any synchronizations.

Warning! Don’t delete Classroom’s teacher group because teachers will then be unable to use Classroom. When Classroom recreates the teacher group, it will be empty. As a result, Classroom users will be asked to identify themselves as teacher or student again and you’ll need to reverify the teachers.  

Decide who is allowed to create a class

You decide who has permission to create classes in Classroom. The default setting is All pending and verified teachers.

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. Click Apps and then G Suite and then  Classroom and then  General settings. (Apps might be in More Controls.)Where is it?
  3. Under Teacher permissions, select an option:
    • Anyone in your domain—Enables anyone, including students and teachers, to create classes
    • All pending and verified teachers—Enables anyone who identifies as a teacher to create classes
    • Verified teachers only—Enables only verified teachers to create classes

Decide who can view and manage guardians

Only verified teachers can view guardian information. You can also allow verified teachers to invite and remove guardians

Before you delete a teacher account

Before you delete a teacher's account, confirm that the teacher’s classes are no longer in use by students or co-teachers. If they’re still in use, transfer the classes to other teachers. For details, see Transfer ownership of a class. Then, delete the teacher’s account if you want.

Note: Deleting the account of the teacher whose classes are still in use makes some of the class functionality unusable, unless you transfer the classes to another teacher..

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