About non-guaranteed auctions

Note: Exchanges need to be enabled before their publishers and inventory packages are visible in the marketplace. Enabling or disabling exchanges will also affect inventory source targeting options. Learn how to enable exchanges.

A non-guaranteed auction is a one-publisher-to-multiple-advertisers relationship. Non-guaranteed auctions give publishers more control over how they sell their inventory, while giving buyers an advantage in auction buys.

Depending on what is passed in the bid request, non-guaranteed auctions can either be first- or second-price auctions with a CPM floor. With a non-guaranteed auction, the seller invites buyers to participate and make a portion of their non-guaranteed inventory available for purchase at negotiated prices for each buyer. The inventory goes to the highest bid from among the buyers, provided the winning bid is above the minimum CPM. If none of the non-guaranteed auction buyers wins or bids on the inventory, it becomes available in a regular, "open" auction.

Inventory packages are collections of non-guaranteed inventory put together by sellers, available to all buyers on Display & Video 360. You can discover the different inventory packages by going to the Marketplace and target them by going to the Private Deals tab on the inventory source targeting page.

While inventory packages are available in private deal inventory source targeting, they serve as open auction inventory and therefore will not be available for the Troubleshooter.

Can non-guaranteed auctions and non-guaranteed fixed deals coexist?

Yes. Depending on how publishers have segmented their inventory, they might be participating in a non-guaranteed fixed deal and a non-guaranteed auction, in which case the following priority flow takes place:

  1. Non-guaranteed fixed deals take priority over non-guaranteed auctions.
  2. Non-guaranteed auctions take priority over the open auction.

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