Guidelines for video creatives

In Display & Video 360, you can serve video creatives using video line items. Below are the most common requirements for video creatives to serve on Display & Video 360's supported exchanges.

Looking for info on in-banner video?

See Guidelines for in-banner video ads for in-banner video creative requirements.


Looking for info on YouTube?

See the guide for YouTube campaigns.

Technical requirements

  • Format: Display & Video 360 accepts video creatives in the following formats:

    • File types: .avi, .mov, .mp4, .m4v, .mpeg, .mpg, .ogv, .webm, .wmv

    • File name can't be longer than 50 characters and only ASCII characters are allowed.

    • VAST: Display & Video 360 supports the VAST 2.0VAST 3.0, and VAST 4.0 specifications. You can also use VAST wrappers, but we recommend limiting to only 2 wrappers to avoid issues with serving on exchanges. 

    • VPAID: Display & Video 360 supports HTML5 VPAID using the VPAID 2.0 specification. Display & Video 360 does not support direct upload of VPAID creatives. VPAID creatives must be uploaded in Studio and synced through Campaign Manager 360. For third-party VPAID creatives, follow the instructions in the "Third-party VAST tags" section below.   

  • Size: Video creatives hosted by Display & Video 360 can be up to 1 GB. Always upload a source file with the highest possible specifications you have available so that Display & Video 360 can transcode the asset into as many serving files as possible. However, individual exchanges may have different maximum file sizes, so plan accordingly.
  • Duration: Video inventory supports a variety of durations, such as:

    • Less than 15 seconds
    • 15 seconds
    • 20 seconds
    • 30 seconds
    • 60 seconds
    • At least 90 seconds
    More details about duration

    Videos don't need to be the maximum length allowed by the inventory to serve correctly. For example, if you have a 22-second-long video creative, your creative would meet the requirement for being able to serve to 30-second inventory. The duration of all videos rotating in a Display & Video 360 creative must be within 10% of the length of the longest video in that creative.

    Most publishers allow videos to be within a 10% threshold of their limits. For example, a 30-second video ad slot would allow for video ads up to 33 seconds.

    Note: For longer videos (anything 60 seconds or greater), check with your inventory source ahead of time about any constraints concerning file sizes or inventory availability.

  • Aspect ratio: Display & Video 360 accepts video creatives with the following aspect ratios:

    • Landscape/horizontal videos must have an aspect ratio of 16:9 (for example, 640 × 360) or 4:3 (for example, 640 × 480).
    • Portrait/vertical videos must have an aspect ratio of 9:16 (for example, 360 × 640) or 3:4 (for example, 480 × 640).
  • Clickthrough URL: Make sure the creative has a clickthrough URL specified. Note that the clickthrough URL will be opened in a new window.

  • Third-party VAST tags: Display & Video 360 accepts third-party VAST tags containing VAST and VPAID creatives. Display & Video 360 wraps the tags according to the VAST 2.0, VAST 3.0, or VAST 4.0 specification based on the requirements of each individual exchange. This might result in some metrics specific to each version of VAST, such as skips offset for VAST 3.0 and VAST 4.0, not being available for a creative.

  • Moat-wrapped VAST tags: To avoid delivering your Moat-wrapped video with the wrong duration, confirm that Moat sets the correct duration when wrapping the tag. Moat sets the duration for the new VAST created when the tag is wrapped, and Display & Video 360 will bid on this duration. If the duration is incorrect, the creative may be delivered into an ad slot with a shorter duration. This can cause the video to be cut off before the end.

    • In Display & Video 360, preview the creative and make sure the preview duration matches the duration found in the video options section of the creative details page.
    • If the creative is synced from Campaign Manager 360, open the Campaign Manager 360 placement and find the creative. Preview it and make sure preview duration is the same as the video duration found in the identification section of the creative.
  • VPAID adapter: Display & Video 360 uses an HTML5 VPAID adapter for Active View measurements for video ads.

About companion creatives for videos

Display & Video 360-hosted videos: Advertisers that host video creatives in Display & Video 360 can assign display creatives (supports image and HTML5 assets) as companions.

Campaign Manager 360-hosted videos: Advertisers that use Campaign Manager 360 can add companion creatives to their in-stream video creatives. The companion will sync to Display & Video 360 along with the creative.

Third-party VAST tags: You can include companion creatives by reference within the video creative's XML file. Display & Video 360 will not count impressions for companion creatives separately. Contact your third-party ad server for details on how it tracks metrics for video ads with companions.

Most exchanges sell video companions as a "complementary" ad unit which may not be guaranteed to serve.

Rotating companion creatives are supported for third-party VAST tags. Any rotation that changes the assets used inside the VAST tag, however, will cause your creative to be re-reviewed by Display & Video 360.

Best practices

Video and audio:

  • Video
    • File format: .mov or .mp4
    • Dimensions:
      • Landscape/horizontal: 1280 × 720, 1920 × 1080, or 1440 × 1080
      • Portrait/vertical: 720 × 1280, 1080 × 1920, or 1080 × 1440 
      • Square: 720 × 720, 1080 × 1080, 1920 × 1920
    • Aspect ratio:
      • Landscape/horizontal: 16:9 or 4:3
      • Portrait/vertical: 9:16 or 3:4
    • Codec: H.264
    • Frame Rate: 23.98 or 29.97
    • Bitrate: At least 20 Mbps
    • Length: 15 or 30 seconds
    • File size: Up to 1GB (per the Campaign Manager 360 file size limit)
    • Black bars: No black bars
    • Letterboxing: No letterboxing
  • Audio
    • Codec: PCM (preferred) or AAC
    • Bitrate: At least 192 Kbps
    • Bit: 16 or 24 bit only
    • Sample rate: 48 kHz
    • Audio settings: Required

Companion creatives:

  • Companion banner size 20K.
  • Companion can be an image or HTML5.
  • Companion banner animation time should be 15 seconds.
  • Companion banner 18-24 FPS.
  • Include 300 × 250, 728 × 90, and 300 × 60 companion banner options.

Content requirements

Most video inventory has the same content requirements as standard creatives. For more info, see General guidelines for creatives.

Reporting metrics

For information on the metrics available for video line items, see "video interactions" in Metrics in reports.

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