Add line items to your insertion order

About line items

In Display & Video 360, line items bid on impressions and deliver creatives through exchanges, networks, and other inventory sources.

Line items consist of a budget, a bid, one or more creatives, a set of targeting criteria, and may also include fees, a performance goal, and a variety of partner costs.

Types of line items

Display & Video 360 has several types of line items that support various media buys:

  • Display for image, HTML5 (including rich media), and native ads (both display and video).
  • Video for video ads. Learn more
  • Audio for audio ads. Learn more
  • YouTube & partners for video ads shown on YouTube and partners. Learn more
  • Mobile app install for display and video ads that drive installs of your app. Learn more
  • Gmail for native ads shown in Gmail on the desktop and mobile app. Learn more 
  • Ads in mobile apps for display or video ads that serve on mobile app inventory. Learn more
  • Over-the-top for TV content on connected TVs and other digital devices. This line item type can only be created in a TV insertion order. Learn more

Create a line item

In order to buy ad impressions and serve your creatives, you have to add a line item to an insertion order. Follow the steps below to create a line item:

  1. Start in an existing insertion order or create a new one.

  2. In your insertion order, click the New line item button.

  3. In the page that opens, pick the type of line item you want to create.

  4. In the following page, enter the following information for your line item:

    • Name for your line item.

      Additionally, you can create your line item as a "Draft" if you don't want it to be eligible to serve once you've saved it here. If you do want it to immediately serve as soon as its start date has occurred, create the line item as "Active".

    • Your line item's targeting.

    • Your line item's flight dates. For display and video line items, you can use real-time triggers to control your line item's flight. 

    • Your Budget and Pacing settings.

      Display & Video 360 can automatically adjust your line item's budget if you've turned on automatic budget allocation for the line item's insertion order.

    • Your bid strategy.

    • The line item's frequency cap.

    • The creatives you want to use with this line item.

      A line item won't be serveable until one or more creatives assigned to the line item is approved.
    • Your method for conversion tracking.

  5. Click Create once you're done.

By default, all new line items will target both desktop and mobile inventory. Line items will use the same bid for all impressions, regardless of if an impression came from a mobile device or a desktop browser, unless you specify otherwise.

When you stop your line items from running, either by pausing your line items directly or by pausing an insertion order, it can take several hours for the system to halt your ads completely. At this point, you won't accrue any more costs.

Duplicate line items

To duplicate a line item, select the checkboxes next to the line items you want to copy, then select Actions > Duplicate.

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