Create a line item

Follow these instructions if you'd like to create a line item with new pricing, quantity and targeting settings. If, however, you'd like to duplicate an existing line item's settings, you can copy a line item instead.

Create a line item

To create a line item:

  1. In your DFP Small Business account, click the Orders tab.

  2. Create a new order or click an existing order in the table.

  3. Click New line item.

  4. Enter a line item name. Line item names must be unique within your network.

  5. Enter the inventory sizes of the creatives you plan to upload.

  6. (Optional) Enter some comments about the line item that might help with trafficking the line item.

  7. Enter the line item type, dates, quantity and cost.

  8. Under Adjust delivery, configure your delivery settings (optional). See Optional delivery settings below for more information.

  9. Select the inventory that you want to target.

    You can target ad units, placements or both. To find inventory to target, you can either browse through your network’s inventory or perform a search.

    The ad unit named after your network represents all of the ad units in your network. If you target the line item to this network-level ad unit, the line item will target any ad unit in your network.

  10. Enter additional targeting criteria to target a specific audience (optional).
    If you don’t target the line item to any ad units or placements, then the line item will be set to serve as run-of-network. This means the line item can serve to any ad unit on your website.

  11. Click Save.


Optional delivery settings

You can configure your delivery settings for this line item in the Adjust delivery section.


  • Deliver impressions:

    • Evenly (default): Serve ad impressions as evenly as possible across the number of days specified in a line item.

    • As Fast as Possible: Block lower-priority or lower-value line items from delivering in the selected placements until the requirements of the line item are met. Selecting this option may result in delivery of all booked impressions well before the specified end date for the line item. The default behaviour is to deliver ads evenly across the line item's delivery period.


  • Display Creatives:

    • Only one: Show only one creative per page if multiple creatives are associated with this line item.

    • One or more (default): Allow multiple creatives associated with this line item to show.

    • As many as possible: Show creatives in as many ad units as possible.


  • Rotate creatives:

    • Evenly: Creatives rotate evenly.
    • Optimised: Creative with the highest CTR will be shown more often.
    • Weighted: Creatives rotate at a frequency you specify.
    • Sequential: Creatives rotate in the order you specify. You must enter a number between 1 and 80.

    See Rotate multiple creatives for more details.

  • Frequency: Limit the number of times that ads from a line item are served to any individual user. (Learn more)


  • Day and time: Specify days and times when the line item can deliver.