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May 6, 2021

Product updates

Display a report in full screen and cycle through pages automatically

You can now display a report as a presentation, similar to Google Slides. You can show the presentation full screen, and choose to automatically display each page the report for a specified amount of time.

To present a report:

  1. View the report you want to present.
  2. In the upper right, click More optionsMore options..
  3. Click Present icon.Present.

Learn more.

More streamlined toolbar

In addition to present mode, you'll also find the copy and refresh data buttons in the More optionsMore options. menu.
More options menu.

Documentation updates

We've updated the calculated fields tutorial to include the improved functionality in CASE statements announced on March 11.

April 29, 2021

Product updates

MySQL 8 support

You can now visualize data from MySQL 8 using Data Studio.

April 22, 2021

Product updates

Get notified if your scheduled email doesn't send

You'll now receive an email if your scheduled email report fails to go out.

JDBC connector improvements

We've made several improvements to JDBC-based connectors (Google Cloud SQL for MySQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL). In particular, we've fixed a bug that prevented COUNT_DISTINCT from working properly.

Page path dimensions in Google Analytics 4

You can now visualize the following GA4 dimensions using the Google Analytics connector:

  • Page path + query string
  • Full page URL

April 15, 2021

Product updates

Reset report filters and selections

Report viewers can now use the new Reset report. Reset button to reset all filters and selections they've made. This restores the report to its default view state.

Use community visualizations in embedded reports

You can now use community visualizations in an embedded report.

April 8, 2021

Product updates

Better BigQuery SQL parameters

You can now use any parameter in a BigQuery custom SQL query, regardless of where you created the parameter. (Previously, you could use only those parameters you created on the custom SQL query page.)

Also, you can now define a range of permitted values, allowing you to bind a Slider control to these parameters.

April 1, 2021

Product updates

New conditional functions

You can now use 3 new conditional functions in calculated fields:

  • COALESCE. Returns the first non-missing value found in a list of fields.
  • IFNULL. Returns a result if the input is null, otherwise, returns the input.
  • NULLIF. Returns null if the input matches an expression, otherwise returns the input.

BigQuery GEOGRAPHY support

You can now visualize polygons from a BigQuery GEOGRAPHY field on a Google Maps visualization. Want to try it out? Take this quick tutorial.

March 25, 2021

Product updates

Event-scoped campaign dimensions in Google Analytics 4

You can now visualize the following GA4 dimensions using the Google Analytics connector:

  • Campaign ID
  • Campaign
  • Google Ads account name
  • Google Ads ad group ID
  • Google Ads ad group name
  • Google Ads ad network type
  • Medium
  • Source
  • Traffic origin
Note: these dimensions apply only to GA4 conversion events.

Improved text functions in PostgreSQL

We've fixed a bug that prevented the CONTAINS_TEXT, STARTS_WITH, ENDS_WITH, and REGEXP_MATCH functions from working correctly with the PostgreSQL connector.

March 18, 2021

Product updates

Report publishing

You can now control when viewers see the changes you make to a report. By default, viewers see changes in real-time. Report publishing lets editors make changes to a draft version of the report, and then publish the draft when it's ready to go. Learn more.

March 11, 2021

Product updates

Simpler and more powerful conditional expressions

Conditional expressions evaluate some input and return a result when that input meets a condition you specify. Data Studio now gives you 3 ways of writing conditional expressions in calculated fields:

  • Searched CASE
  • Simple CASE
  • IF() NEW!

IF function

The new IF function lets you create simple "if / then / else" statements. For example:

IF(Actual Sales > Forecast Sales, Bonus * 1.2, Bonus)

Use parameters and functions and do math in conditional expressions

You can now include any valid expression in CASE expressions and the IF() function. For example:

CASE WHEN AVG(NumericDimension) > .75 THEN AnotherMetric * 2 ELSE YetAnotherMetric / 3 END

You can also now directly reference a parameter in a conditional expression:

IF(MyParameter="some value", ThisDimension, ThatDimension)

Raw string literal

You can now use the "raw string literal" R in quoted strings. This can simplify writing formulas, such as regular expressions, that require special characters to be "escaped." For example, a raw quoted string uses a single backslash to escape metacharacters in regex, making it easier to read:

With the Raw string literal prefix:

REGEXP_REPLACE(String, R"(\[.*\])\+(\[.*\])",R"\2 \1")

Without the Raw string literal:

REGEXP_REPLACE(String, "(\\[.*\\])\\+(\\[.*\\])","\\2 \\1")

Deprecating YouTube analytics watch time dimensions completed

As announced last year, we've deprecated the old watch time dimensions in the YouTube Analytics connector. You should now use the new Average Watch Time and Total Watch Time metrics instead.

Documentation updates

We've updated and improved the documentation of conditional expressions, regular expressions, and calculated fields in general:

New articles

Updated articles

March 4, 2021

Product updates

It's now easier to connect to your BigQuery projects. The new Recent projects tab shows you up to 50 projects you've accessed recently in the GCP Cloud Console.

BigQuery Recent Projects tab.

February 25, 2021

Product updates

New page navigation styles

You now have more control over the look and positioning of the page navigation in your reports. Choose between 4 styles:


Pages appear in a collapsible drawer in the left margin of your report.

Navigation type "left."


Pages appear as tabbed links at the top of the report.

Navigation type "tab."


Pages appear in a drop-down menu above the report.

Navigation type "drop down."


No page navigation is displayed.


Chart data label compact numbers and decimal precision

You can now use compact numbers and set decimal precision for data labels in time series, bar, line/combo, and area charts. Note that these settings apply to the data labels in your charts. Tooltips ("hover cards") show the full metric value.

Time series with compact numbers.

Learn more in the chart references.

February 18, 2021

Product updates

Data Studio is now available in Sudan

Users in Sudan can now tell beautiful data stories with Data Studio. Welcome!

February 11, 2021

Product updates

Improved data source collaboration

Data source editors can now edit the connection, refresh fields, and update credentials of data sources. (Prior to this, only the data source owner or credential owner could do these things).

This makes collaborating on reports and managing your data sources even easier. In particular, collaborating on reports with embedded data sources is more convenient, as your fellow report editors now have greater control over those data sources.

Learn more.

Documentation updates

Restructured data source and data modeling topics

We've reorganized the Help Center topics covering connecting to your data, creating data sources, and modeling your data a bit. Create and edit data sources now has 2 child topics:

February 4, 2021

Product updates

Improved handling of unrecognized date formats

If you connect to data that contains ambiguous dates or times, you may now see a message saying "Data Studio can't convert [field] to a date" and some tips on how to resolve the issue.

Learn more.

January 28, 2021

Product updates

Traffic source fields from Google Analytics 4

You can now visualize Google Analytics 4 traffic source fields:

  • Session Google Ads ad group ID
  • Session default channel grouping
  • Session medium
  • Session campaign
  • Session source
  • User Google Ads ad group ID
  • User Google Ads ad group name
  • User Google Ads ad network type
  • User medium
  • User campaign
  • User source

To see these fields in your existing GA4 data sources, refresh the fields.

Restoring data source versions now requires proper credentials

To view or restore version history for a data source, you must now either own the credentials for that data source, or the data source must use Viewer's Credentials. This helps prevent possible unauthorized access to the data.

January 7, 2021

Product updates

News searches in Search Console

You can now see news search results data in your reports using the Search Console connector. Learn more.

Create Boolean calculated fields without CASE

You can now use a Boolean expression as a calculated field formula. For example, Revenue > Forecast, which returns true or false. You can then use these fields within other calculated fields. (Previously, you had to use CASE statements to achieve the same result.)