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Replaces text within the target value.

Sample usage

REGEXP_REPLACE(Campaign , '(Sale):(Summer)', '\\2 \\1')


REGEXP_REPLACE(X, regular_expression, replacement)


  • X - a field or expression that includes a field.
  • regular_expression - a regular expression that matches a portion of X.
  • replacement - the text with which to replace the matched portion of field_expression.


The REGEXP_REPLACE function returns Text values.


REGEXP_REPLACE returns text where all substrings of X that match regular_expression are replaced with X.

You can use backslashed-escaped digits (\1 to \9) within the replacement argument to insert text matching the corresponding parenthesized group in the regular_expression pattern. Use \0 to refer to the entire matching text.

To search for a literal backslash in your regular expression, you must escape the literal backslash with a second backslash. For example:

REGEXP_REPLACE('abc', 'b(.)', 'X\\1');

returns aXc.

You can also use raw strings to remove one layer of escaping. For example:

REGEXP_REPLACE('abc', 'b(.)', r'X\1');

The REGEXP_REPLACE function only replaces non-overlapping matches. For example, replacing ana within banana results in only one replacement, not two.


Example formula Input Output
REGEXP_REPLACE(LOWER(Campaign), ".bc123", "Summer Sale")


Summer Sale
REGEXP_REPLACE(LOWER(Campaign), ".bc123", "Summer Sale") BBC123 Summer Sale
REGEXP_REPLACE(Campaign , '(.*):(.*)', '\\2 \\1')


Summer Sale

REGEXP_REPLACE(Campaign , '(.*):(.*)', '\\2 \\1') Sale:Winter Winter Sale

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