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Measure report usage

Use Google Analytics to gain insights about your reports.

Google Analytics is a free digital analytics service that lets you measure how your websites and mobile apps are being used. You can use Analytics to gather anonymous usage data on your Looker Studio reports to answer questions such as:

  • Which of my reports gets the most views?
  • How are users finding my reports?
  • Where are my report viewers coming from?

You can also get automated insights and use Google Analytics' flexible Explorations feature to dig deeper into your data.

In this article:

Add your Google Analytics ID to a report

You can use either a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) measurement ID, a Universal Analytics (UA) tracking ID, or both to measure your Looker Studio reports. To add your ID to a report:

  1. Edit the report you wish to measure.
  2. Select File > Report settings.
  3. In the bottom of the Report Settings panel, enter your measurement or tracking ID.
  • Universal Analytics tracking IDs begin with "UA-". To find your UA ID, go here.
  • Google Analytics 4 measurement IDs begin with "G-". To find your GA4 ID, go here.

  • To add both a GA4 measurement ID and a Universal Analytics tracking ID, separate them with a comma, like so:


  • New to Google Analytics? Start here.

See your data in Google Analytics

It may take up to 24 hours before data from your reports begins to show up in Google Analytics.

See your data in GA4

Use the Reports snapshot to get a quick overview of your Looker Studio traffic. You can also test your implementation easily with the help of the Realtime report. And to get deeper insights from your data, you can use any of the available exploration techniques.

See your data in Universal Analytics

You can use any of the standard reports in Universal Analytics to see your Looker Studio traffic. In particular, the Home report gives you a comprehensive overview of all your traffic, while the Behavior > Site Content > All Pages report lets you see metrics for individual reports.

In the All Pages report, the default primary dimension is Page, which contains the report URL. To display the report name, use the Page Title dimension instead.

Multipage reports will be displayed as Report name > Page name.

See your data in Looker Studio

To see your Looker Studio traffic data in Looker Studio, create a Google Analytics data source connected to the Universal Analytics or GA4 property you set up for that purpose. Voilà! Beautiful, shareable reports that measure your beautiful shareable reports!

Limits of report measurement

Your reports can have 1 Universal Analytics tracking ID and/or 1 Google Analytics 4 measurement ID, but not multiple IDs of the same type.

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