Set up Google devices in the Google Home or Nest app

You can control smart devices that are compatible with Google Assistant, such as speakers, displays, thermostats, sensors, lights, and plugs, with the Google Home app. The setup process to add a device to a home varies by device, so it's important to follow the correct instructions.

If your device is in the list below, follow the instructions in the linked article:

Nest energy, safety and security devices

You need to set up some devices with the Nest app before you can add them to the Home app. For instructions, select your product from the list:

Once you've set up these devices in the Nest app, they may link automatically in the Home app depending on your settings.

To find out if your devices linked automatically:

  1. Close both the Nest app and Home app.

  2. Open the Home app Google Home app

  3. Check if the devices are listed under a room name or under "Local devices." 

Note: Nest Protect only appears in the Nest app.

Third-party devices

Many third-party devices such as smart lights, appliances, sensors, and more can be set up and controlled with the Google Home app.

Note: Some third-party devices will only show their status in the Home app if controls aren't supported. If controls aren't available for your device in the Home app, use the device manufacturer's app for controls.

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