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Use Chromebox for meetings

Joining a Chromebox for meetings video call is as simple as entering the meeting name using the remote control. But that just the beginning. You can also schedule video calls using Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook®, invite guests, share your computer screen, and more.

Review this quick video for an overview of room-to-room calls, and review the following for more information.

Named video calls with Google Chromebox for meetings

I don't have Google Apps for Work. Can I use Chromebox for meetings?

Yes, customers without Google Apps for Work can use Chromebox for meetings. You just need to complete a one-time setup process during your first purchase to verify your domain name with Google.

Without Google Apps for Work, you can:

Start named (unscheduled) video calls between Chromebox for meetings devices within the domain.

Simply enter a meeting name using the remote control to start a named (unscheduled) video call. Any Chromebox for meetings device with the same meeting name will join the call.

Review the following video for a quick introduction.

Named video calls with Google Chromebox for meetings

Join scheduled video calls from a Chromebox for meetings device using the Microsoft Outlook® plug-in.

To make sure everyone can attend, use the Microsoft Outlook® plug-in to schedule a video call. 

  • Enter the meeting name in the Chromebox for meetings room.  
  • Users within your organization's domain simply click the email link to join using a broswer.
  • Once the meeting is started, select  Invite People to invite additional users, including people outside your domain.
Do not join the video call from a from a personal device while inside the Chromebox for meeting room, or feedback will occur.
Invite users to join Chromebox for meetings video call

Once the video call is started, select select  Invite People to invite additional users. Learn more.

Invitees must have a Google Apps account, such as Gmail, and must join the meeting from that account. Invitees can be inside or outside of the organization's domain.

To make sure everyone is on the same page, you can share content from your laptop with others in the video call. For example, a set of slides, a document, a spreadsheet.

  1. Mute your laptop if you are in the Chromebox for meetings room (or feedback will occur).
  2. Join the Google Hangouts video call from your device. For example:
    • Click the link in the Microsoft Outlook® invitation, or
    • Accept the invitation from your Gmail or Google Apps account.
  3. Click Screenshare (on the left side of the screen).
  4. Choose the window you want to share.
  5. Click Start screenshare.

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