Present to a video call

You can share content on your laptop—for example, a set of slides, a document, a spreadsheet—during the video call. Whether they’re in a room or on personal devices, other meeting participants can see what you share.

Join from a room and present from a laptop

If you plan to join a meeting from a room, bring your laptop if you want to share content. You’ll join the meeting through the display, but you’ll present from your laptop.

For example, on a Chromebook you can share your whole screen.  On laptops with other operating systems, you can also share just a specific window.

The name of the video call or the meeting code is at the top of the display.

When you use classic Hangouts:

  1. Open a Chrome browser and enter in the address bar.
  2. Type the name of the video call and click Enter.
  3. Choose the window you want to share.
  4. Click Start screenshare when you’re ready for people to see your content.

Important: The meeting must allow participants to join with the link Join with link.

  1. Use the Chromebox for meetings remote to select Invite people.
  2. Click Change.
  3. Click Allow.
  4. The meeting will change to Join with link Join with link.
  5. Presenters can then enter in a web browser. For example:

When you use Hangouts Meet:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the scheduled meeting, or enter a meeting code.
  3. Click Present to meeting.
  4. Select a window or application.
  5. Select Share.

Note: Presenters do not need a Google account.

Join and present from the same laptop

You can join the video call and present to others from the same laptop.

What do I need to do when I’m done presenting and someone else wants to present?
If you plan to share again after them, you don't need to do anything. Chromebox for meetings should focus on the most recently shared screen. If you don't need to share any more, just close the browser tab that you are using to share your screen.
Can I use the room to do a presentation, even if I’m not using it for a video call?
Sure! Even if you don't have people in another location you can still use Chromebox for meetings to present your big idea to the people in the room. Either create a video call name in classic Hangouts or start a new meeting in Hangouts Meet on the Chromebox device in the room and present to it from your laptop.
When sharing my desktop, can people see everything?

It depends on how much of your screen you are sharing. If you are just sharing one browser window or application, that's all your audience will see. If you are sharing your whole desktop, your audience can see everything on your screen.

When you choose Screenshare in classic Hangouts or Present in Hangouts Meet, you then choose whether to share your entire screen or an application window. 

Share in full-screen mode during a video call

When you're sharing your screen, what you're showing uses as much of the viewing window as possible. When another participant chooses your video feed or if they're in the "present to everyone" mode, the thumbnail photos of the video call participants block whatever is showing in the window's lower section. You can hide or show the participant photos by clicking the thumbnail icon Hide thumbnail.

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