Renew Chrome licenses

For administrators who manage Chrome devices for a business or school.

If you have Chrome licenses with an annual subscription, such as Chrome Enterprise or Chrome Kiosk, you need to renew your licenses at the end of each annual term. Any licenses you bought with a perpetual subscription (covers the life of the device) don't need to be renewed.

If you don't renew your licenses before the end of your term, your service is suspended. You can no longer enroll devices, configure settings, and apply policies to users and devices in your organization.

How do I renew my licenses?

How you renew depends on how you purchased your licenses:

  • If you purchased single app Chrome device management licenses or Chrome Enterprise annual licenses through an authorized partner, you’ll need to contact them to renew your licenses.

  • If you purchased Chrome Enterprise annual licenses from the Google Admin console, you should set up your billing and payment plan so that licenses automatically renew when the term ends.

Automatically renew licenses

If you purchased your licenses from the Admin console, we recommend that you update your billing account to automatically renew your contract. That way, your service isn’t at risk of being interrupted when it's time to renew. And, your 12-month commitment for all licenses automatically continues on your next renewal date.

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Billing.
  3. To the left of Chrome Enterprise, click the Down arrow Down Arrow.
  4.  Next to Renewal options, click Change.
  5. Select Auto-renew my contract and click Save.

Common questions

What happens if I don’t renew my licenses?

If you don’t renew your licenses at the end of the term, your management service will be suspended. You won’t be able to enroll devices, configure settings, or apply policies to Chrome devices in your organization.

What happens if I have both perpetual and annual device subscriptions?

Perpetual subscriptions won't be affected if your annual subscriptions expire or are reduced. However, if you have more devices enrolled than perpetual subscriptions when your annual subscription expires (and isn't renewed), you can't access the Device settings page in your Admin console anymore.
Current policies still apply on users' devices. To access the Device settings page again, purchase additional licenses or deprovision devices so that you have at least one license per device. If you have trouble managing your service after your annual subscription expires, contact the Chrome support team.

What if I renew my subscription, but with fewer licenses?

If you choose to renew your service for fewer licenses than your previous annual subscription, you need to ensure that the quantity of enrolled devices is the same or less than the number of licenses you’re renewing. If you have more devices enrolled than your license count after renewal, you have a grace period to resolve the discrepancy. After the grace period, your devices will stop receiving their configured policies until the number of licenses you’re using is the same or less than the license total.

For example, let’s say your original subscription was for 100 licenses. You only want to renew 50 licenses but you still have 70 devices enrolled. You need to unenroll 20 devices before you renew your licenses. That way, when you renew your licenses, the number of licenses matches the number of devices enrolled.

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