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For administrators who manage Chrome browser or Chrome OS devices for a business or school.

If you need help with Chrome Browser or devices running Chrome OS, when possible, you should review the articles in the Chrome Enterprise Help Center before contacting support. The type of support that you can get depends on your Chrome service or Google Workspace edition.

Contact Chrome Enterprise support

Google provides support for the latest stable, beta, and dev versions of Chrome Browser and Chrome OS.

Before you contact support, review the types of support below. Make sure your support request fits the guidelines for help.

To contact support:

  1. Using your Chrome or administrator account, sign in to your Google Account.
  2. Open the Chrome Enterprise Help Center.
  3. On any page in the help center, in the top corner, click Contact us.

Chrome Enterprise support options

Support for Chrome devices

If your organization subscribes to a Chrome service, such as Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, Google provides support for software issues covered under the Technical Support Service Guidelines, including:

  • Google Admin console policies
  • Chrome device management
  • Chrome OS issues
  • Browsing issues not caused by third-party software or websites
  • App and extension issues not caused by third-party software

Support for Chrome Browser

If your organization subscribes to a Chrome service, such as Chrome Enterprise Upgrade , Google provides support for Chrome Browser administration issues.

If you are a Google Workspace customer or have the Education edition, Google provides support for issues covered under the Google Workspace Technical Support Service Guidelines.

Chrome Browser administration issues include:

  • Configuring, deploying, or installing Chrome Browser on devices
  • Microsoft® Windows® Group Policy Management Editor templates
  • MSI installer for Chrome Browser
  • Google Admin console policies
  • Browser issues not caused by third-party software or websites

Chrome Browser Enterprise Support

You can purchase Chrome Browser Enterprise Support for your organization if you:

  • Use Chrome Browser.
  • Don't have a Google Workspace subscription.
  • Have a Google Workspace or Education edition subscription but have more Chrome Browser users than Google Workspace licenses.
  • Have more than 1,000 users.

With Chrome Browser Enterprise Support, you get support for beta, the latest stable version, and up to the last 2 versions of Chrome Browser on Windows, Apple® Mac®, and Linux® computers. You get help with:

  • Group Policy Management Editor templates 
  • MSI installer for Chrome Browser
  • Browser issues not caused by third-party software or websites
  • Best practices for deploying, managing, and updating Chrome Browser

Sign up for Chrome Browser Enterprise Support

  1. Go to the sign-up form.
  2. Under Contact sales, enter your organization's information.
    Note: After you purchase Chrome Browser Enterprise Support, the contact listed on the sign-up form will get a welcome email with a temporary username and password. If the contact doesn’t get the email, fill out the Google Admin console support form for help.
  3. If you're using your own domain, you need to verify your domain with Google. For details, see Verify your domain for Google Workspace.
    If you have difficulty verifying your domain, see Can't sign up my domain for a Google service.
  4. If you have other Google services, sign in to the Google Admin console with the username and password that you usually use.
  5. If this is your first Google Cloud product, sign in to the Google Admin console with the temporary username and password from the welcome email that we sent.
  6. Create a backup admin account.
    1. In the Google Admin console, create a user account for the backup admin. For details, see Add users individually
    2. Assign the Super Admin role to the new user. For details, see Pre-built administrator roles
  7. Add users to the Google Cloud Support Center. For details, see Provision and manage web application users.

Other support options

Hardware support

Before you contact support, you should troubleshoot your issue. See Troubleshoot Chrome devices. For hardware issues, contact the device manufacturer's repair center.

Manufacturer Region Phone support Support page
Acer USA, Canada   Read more
Japan   Read more
Global Read more Read more
ASUS USA, Canada 1-888-606-ASUS (606-2787) Read more
Japan   Read more
Dell Global Read more Read more
Google Global   Read more
HiSense USA 1-888-935-8880 Read more
HP USA, Canada 1-800-334-5144 Read more
Japan   Read more
Lenovo US 1-800-426-7378 Read more
Global Read more Read more
Samsung USA 1-866-SAM-4-BIZ (726-4249) Read more
Canada 1-800-749-0205 Read more

Neverware CloudReady

  • I can reproduce my issue on a Chromebook—Devices with the latest stable version of Neverware® CloudReady® are compatible with standard management features, such as enrollment, management policies, and upgrade management. If you have a problem with these features and can reproduce it on a Chromebook, contact Chrome Enterprise support. (Have a Chromebook available for troubleshooting.)
  • I cannot reproduce the issue on a Chromebook—For help with issues that are specific to CloudReady that cannot be reproduced on a Chromebook, such as system updates or hardware issues, contact Neverware support

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