Add a customer

What's new: You can add a customer without immediately placing an order for their domain. 
Tip: Before adding a customer, search the console for the customer's domain name to avoid creating multiple accounts. 

To resell products to a new customer, add the customer to your reseller account. Your customer must have a registered domain before you can add them.Resellers cannot add and manage customers who have G Suite for Nonprofits or the legacy free edition of G Suite.

Add a customer

  1. Sign in to the Channel Services console.
  2. On the Customers page, click Create customer.
  3. Add the customer's information. Note:
    • Email: Primary administrator address at their domain
    • Alternate address:  Address for receiving sign-in credentials.
    • If the customer’s domain is associated with Google Account that they pay for directly, you're prompted to enter a transfer token. Learn more about transfers to your account. 
  4. Click Create to add their account.
  5. Click Purchase to place an order. Or click Customer list to go to the Customers page. Your new customer's Subscriptions status is blank until you place an order

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