Access a customer's Admin console

When you add a customer in the Partner Sales Console, you have access to the customer's Google Admin console.

Customers can restrict your access even if you’re contractually obligated to provide them full support. So it’s important that you and your customers agree on a policy for your access to their Admin console.

Subscriptions purchased from Google

Your customers can also give you Admin Console access to subscriptions they've purchased directly from Google, such as Google Voice and Chrome Enterprise Upgrade.

The decision to provide support to your customer for the subscriptions they've purchased from Google is between you and your customer. Providing support to your customer for their direct subscriptions does not entitle you to any margins, and may not entitle you to any rebates, or other incentives from Google.

If a customer grants you access to their subscriptions purchased from Google, you have access to only these Admin console services.

Learn how customers can change a reseller’s access.

Go to a customer’s Admin console

  1. Sign in to the Partner Sales Console.
  2. On the Customers page, click the customer name.
  3. Under Quick links, click Admin console.

Reseller limitations in a customer's Admin console

You can do most tasks that an administrator can do in their own Google Admin console. To protect a customer's security and privacy, there are limitations.

In a customer's Admin console, you cannot:

Additional limitations might exist

  • Accept the Terms of Service agreement on behalf of the customer.
  • Generate transfer tokens.
  • Download the customer’s user list as a CSV file.
  • View the customer's billing information. (You can view a customer's billing information in your Partner Sales Console)
  • Manage access settings for a group in the Admin console.
  • Manage access settings for a group in Google Groups for Business.
  • For Google Essentials accounts that are email-verified: Assign an admin role (other than the Super Admin role) to users. For domain-verified accounts, you can assign any admin roles to users.

Advanced features

  • Use Email Log Search to troubleshoot missing messages.
  • Access the alert center.
  • Set administrator email alerts.
  • Add SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) or SSO (single sign-on) apps.
  • Set DLP (Data Loss Prevention) rules.
  • Turn on Android app management.
  • Bind an EMM (enterprise mobility management) provider.

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