Add a Google Workspace customer

To resell products to a new customer, add the customer to your reseller account.


  • The customer has a registered domain.
  • The customer doesn't have Google Workspace for Nonprofits or the G Suite legacy free edition.

Add a Google Workspace customer

  1. Sign in to the Partner Sales Console.
  2. On the Customers page, click Create customer.
  3. In Primary product family, select Google Workspace. Then you can order Google Workspace, Google Workspace Additional Storage, and other subscriptions managed in the Google Admin console.

  4. In Organization information, select the type of customer:
    • Domain customer: For Google Workspace or Cloud Identity subscriptions.
    • Team customer: For Essentials or Enterprise Essentials and the customer will verify their account by their email address (not by domain).
    • For schools and high education, check the Educational Institution box.

Considerations for Team customers

Select Team customer only if you're ordering Essentials or Enterprise Essentials and the customer will verify their account by email address (not by domain).

About email-verified accounts:

  • A customer with email-verified accounts cannot purchase other Google Workspace services, such as Google Vault, unless they verify their domain.
  • Multiple teams can purchase Essentials. If teams used the same customer name, the console shows the unique Cloud Identity ID.
  Shows customer names and Cloud Identity IDs     
  1. Enter the customer's name, domain, and address.
    • In Contact information, enter information to create the administrator account.
    • Email address: Super administrator for their Google Workspace or Cloud Identity account, or the team admin for a Google Workspace Essentials, email-verified account.
    • Alternate address (not required for Team edition customers): Password information and notifications are sent to both the email address and alternate address. Enter an address that doesn't use the customer's primary domain. You can use an address provided by the customer or an address in your reseller domain.
  2. Click Create to add the customer's account.
  3. To place an order, click Purchase. Or click Customer list to go to the Customers page. Your new customer's Subscriptions status is blank until you place an order.

Important: When a customer changes their account information in the Google Admin console, the changes aren't automatically updated in your Partner Sales Console. Learn more

To stay up-to-date, remind customers to notify you when they change their organization, domain, or administrator addresses.

Set up tips

Your access to a new customer’s Admin console is turned off by default. You can share instructions with the customer to allow reseller access. Learn more about reseller access limitations.

Update settings for the customer's region and language:

Note: A user's time zone is based on their location when they first sign in to their Google Workspace account. Learn more

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