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Can't stop calendar spam

I get continuous spam calendar events from kink...@gmail.com. I have blocked the email address and reported well over 50 events as spam, but they still continue to show up on my calendar. I have asked the person to stop multiple times, but they just send more.
1) please disable this account for abuse
2) please create a mechanism to block calendar invites from specific email addresses
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Tenley H
Tenley H
Hello Jeremy,

I've reached out to the team to see if there's anything we can do to help you with this. 

In the meantime, I'd recommend two things
1) Create a rule in Gmail to delete these invitations. Blocking them isn't enough (as you've seen) since the invites come directly from Google
2) In Google Calendar, set "Automatically add invitations" to no. This means any event invites you get won't show on your calendar until you RSVP to them, but at least this way these spam events won't be a problem anymore.

If I hear anything else about a way the team can specifically help you further, I'll let you know! Hopefully Google can block this user for a violation of T&C or something like that.
John Kenyon
John Kenyon

I'm having the same problem and found your response. Hopefully this will still be useful to someone even though it's a few months after the original thread. The problem is that even though I've blocked invites from appearing until I respond to them, so the spam doesn't show up for me, it does still show up for my wife, with whom I've shared my calendar. Apparently this is by design, as Google explicitly tells you that anyone with whom you share your calendar will still see all invites even if you don't. Why it should be designed this way I don't know. Presumably there is some other use case in which this is desirable. In any case, until they fix this it is an open door for spam and a discouragement for the use of their product.
I have the exact same problem and have not found any solution. I don't know why they should show up on the shared calendar if everyone has the same setting (Only show invites which I have responded to). I agree that it is a bad design flaw/bug. I have to ask my husband to tell me when he sees these invites so that that I can report them as spam and delete them. They are flagged as private so he can't even see what the invitation is for. At least the private invitations should not show up on a shared calendar. I can't imagine a situations where this would be a desirable behavior. I share my calendar with my husband and kids so it is a problem for all of us..but only my calendar seems to get the spam. I have tried to report this problem to Google but have never gotten a response.
Beven Spangenberg
Beven Spangenberg
Hi, I think Jeremy is on the right track by asking for a mechanism to block these invites. The thing is they take up time that a client could have booked me but now can't cause some (a couple of ugly words) person can't be blocked and sends me like 50 invites every month for more than 6 months now. 

Surely these spammers aren't more skilled than our trusted and well-educated team at Google? 

Anyway, the email address that haunts me is:victorgo...@gmail.com and the links are https://goo.gl/gu1aUp
Tenley H
Tenley H
The team is investigating spam in general; especially stopping spam events from being added to your calendar. I've asked again if there's anything that can be done on Google's side if you have the email address of the spammer and will post back if I get any updates.
In the meantime, follow the steps I suggested to Jerry and continue using the "report spam" button on the emails.
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Alexander McConaughey
Alexander McConaughey
So, I figured out how to display this.... I need some way not to display invitations via sharing... right now I can hide them from my calendar by use No, only show invitations which I have responded to, but that means that anyone I share my calendar with sees them and I can't...
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