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Not all the events in my calendar are showing up on my phone. I recently upgraded my Android OS on my S8 and since the upgrade, not all the events on my Google ca…
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'Tasks' calendar doesn't appear in Google Calendar Android app I am trying to use Google Tasks to add tasks with due dates to my Google Calendar. I can see my task… Drag and Drop isn't working at all anymore in the browser/web version Drag and drop stopped working and that's a dealbreaker for me. I can't adjust the duration or move e… Event invitations I receive from other gmail accounts automatically populate in Google Calendar When someone invites me to an event from another gmail account, the event invite shows up as unaccep… Will Google make a calendar for the women's World Cup soccer games? It would be great if the schedule of world cup games were in a calendar, like many other sports cale…
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In the Tasks side panel, all of the tasks randomly get marked as completed, what's going on? I've seen this happen in both normal
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Google calendar- events I create no longer show their times in schedule view I tried the syncing suggestions, don't think it's a sync problem. Event times are shown if a Google …
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How can I invite a "contact label" to a calendar event? In contacts.google.com it is possible to create "labels" which seem to have replaced the old "contac… Declined event invitations from defunct email account show when G-Cal is loaded as iCal to Outlook Can't find assistance with perhaps rare but significant bug - please refer to Google Cal team..? Dec…
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Recurring tasks do not recur I created recurring tasks to pay my monthly bills, but when I completed the March occurrence (first …
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Problem with change of time of a task using the mouse Hi, when I want to extend or reduce a task (from 10 to 10h30 for instance) using the mouse (click on… View reminders in side bar? When in gmail on my PC, I have my calendar open in the side bar, but the reminders don't show. Is th…
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Co-Workers can't see my availability I use both a personal Google Calendar for home, and a G Suite Calendar for work. I have shared my ca…
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The correct time zone on my end incorrect time zone on attendees invite Incorrect time zone on the invitees end, how to correct?
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Is Google planning to fix the glitch of notifications of updates are sent even when click DONT SEND Prior to the 2018 update, when I updated a calendar event and the box came up that gives the option …
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I manage multiple (15+) calendars for work. Last week, a number of events disappeared the entire calendars aren't gone, only some events. And, randomly over the week, one or 2 of the cal…
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Reminders do not sync to ical I sync my Google Calendar to iCloud and iCal because that syncs with my favorite ToDo program - Thin… Create button not working The create button on Google Calendar is not working across multiple computers and browsers. We have …
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My google calendar isn't loading in internet explorer. What can I do? My google calendar isn't loading when I use internet explorer. I've tried opening it when I'm logged…
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Oops, we couldn't import this file. Please try again in a few minutes -- GMAIL Calendar import/ I am trying to import a .ics file into gmail. I had to break this .ics file into 8
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