Learn about the switch from Reminders to Google Tasks

To help you organize and manage your to-dos in one place, Google Assistant and Calendar Reminders are now Google Tasks. You can view and edit your tasks with Google Assistant, Google Calendar, or Google Tasks.

Tip: You can ask Google Assistant to set a reminder on your mobile device or smart display. The reminder is saved as a task in Google Tasks, and you get a notification when it's time to complete the task.

What are reminders & how did I create them?

Previously, you could create reminders in:

  • Assistant
  • Calendar
  • Inbox
    • Tip: Inbox is no longer supported. Reminders you created in Inbox before 2019 may still exist.
  • Keep

If you turned on the Reminders calendar, reminders were shown on your calendar. You could also check your reminders on reminders.google.com. Calendar notified you about the requested activity at the requested time.

How are reminders changed to tasks?

Your reminders are converted into tasks, except for:

  • Deleted reminders
  • Keep reminders
    • Keep reminders remain on Keep, but will no longer show on your calendar.


  • If a reminder is based on a location: The location is automatically added to the task’s details field. You no longer get a notification based on location.
  • If a reminder is assigned to you: The assigner’s name is added to the task’s title. The assigner no longer has access to the reminder.
    • Example: “From James: Bring out trash.”
  • If your task is not complete: The task shows on your calendar. For up to 365 days, the task also appears as a "Pending task" in the all-day section of your calendar. Tasks older than 365 days show on the original due date in Calendar and in your Tasks app.
  • If you have a task that repeats more than every 1000 days/weeks/months/years, we adjusted the recurrence schedule to be once every 1000 days/weeks/months/years. For example, a task that repeats every 2000 days is adjusted to every 1000 days.
  • Any tasks with dates beyond the year 3000 are adjusted to the year 2900.

Where can I find my reminders that are converted to tasks?

To view your tasks, go to the Tasks calendar instead of the Reminders calendar. You can also go to Google Tasks, or ask Assistant, for your tasks.


What if my organization has the Tasks service off?

If you have a Google Account for work or school, as of May 2023, Google Assistant and Google Calendar reminders automatically migrate to Google Tasks.

Learn more about important dates for the Reminders migration.

Can reminders still show up on my calendar?

Your reminders are now tasks. Tasks appear with events in your calendar and are indicated with a check mark . To view your tasks, turn on the "Tasks" calendar.

How do I manage reminders that are converted to tasks?

You can view and edit your reminders as tasks in:

  • Assistant
    • “Hey Google, show me my tasks.”
    • “Hey Google, show my reminders.”
  • Calendar
  • Tasks in:
    • The side panel across Workspace on your desktop
    • Mobile apps

Learn how to use Google Tasks

Can I convert my tasks back to reminders?

The migration of reminders to tasks is permanent and can't be undone.

How do I create a new task?

You can create new tasks with a title, date, or frequency in:

  • Assistant
  • Calendar
  • Chat
  • Gmail
  • Share to Tasks on mobile
  • Tasks

Tip: Tasks may be assigned to you on shared surfaces like a space or document. Learn how to get started with Shared Google Tasks.

What else can I do with Tasks?

Tasks also allows you to:

  • Add a description.
  • Organize tasks with lists.
  • Prioritize tasks with stars.
  • Change the order in which tasks are listed with “Manual sort” or “Sort by date.”
  • Export your data from Tasks. Learn how to export your data from Google Tasks.
    • If you use a work or school account, your admin must enable this option.
    • If you’re unable to export your data from Tasks, you can print it.

Do I need to install the Tasks app to use reminders with Google Assistant?

No, the Tasks app is not needed to use reminders with Google Assistant.

Can I still say “Set reminder” to Google Assistant?

Yes, the reminders are saved in Tasks.

Will reminders I created with Google Assistant continue to notify me on my compatible Google Assistant devices?

Yes, you can still receive reminders on Google Assistant devices. To receive notifications on your iPhone or iPad, make sure you install either the Google Calendar or Google Tasks app.

Which apps can notify me about tasks?

  • Google Tasks
  • Google Calendar
  • Google app

To get notifications about tasks, update your notification settings:


  • If you don’t have the Tasks app, Calendar notifies you about your tasks.
  • On Android, if you don’t have Tasks or Calendar, the Google app notifies you.
  • When you create a task offline and want to sync tasks with your other supported devices, connect your device to the internet.
  • Some Android phones turn off or delay notifications. To keep notifications for tasks on if you don’t use apps regularly, give Tasks and Calendar permissions.
  • If you set up a Focus on your iPhone or iPad, you may not get notifications. To keep notifications for tasks on, turn on Time Sensitive Notifications.

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