Make your book available at no charge on Google Play


  • Google Play Partners can sell eBooks and audiobooks in certain countries/regions. The features described here aren't available in every country/region.
  • Pre-orders allow customers to order, but not read, your book before its release date. On the release date, customers who pre-ordered your book are charged for the purchase and they gain access to the book.
  • Due to regulatory requirements, Google can't offer pre-orders in India. Your book will be available in the Google Play Store in India on the on-sale date.
  • Before you upload any files, make sure that your content meets Google's guidelines. If you plan to sell your books on Google Play, review our publisher content policies for books on Google Play.
  • Sales reports by month won’t necessarily provide detail that matches your monthly payments. For a financial report that matches your payment, go to Google Play earnings reports.

You can make your book available at no charge on Google Play with our regular submission process:

  • Your book must be available for preview on Google Books. The Google Books preview percentage is a separate setting that's unaffected by whether your book is available at no charge on Google Play or not. If you want users to read your entire book on Google Books, set the preview type to 100% on the 'Settings' tab. You can also enable downloads of your book directly from Google Books.

  • You still need to provide payment settings. If you created your account after July 2014, you may have already provided the required payment information upon sign-up. Otherwise, you need to set up a payment profile with your business address linked to a sales territory. If you make all your books available at no charge, you don't have to add your bank account details. For more information, go to configure your payment settings.

  • Provide a list price of zero for the book. You can do this in the book's Pricing tab. Make sure that you specify both the currency and the countries or regions where the book is available at no charge. To easily apply the zero price to other countries or regions, enable currency conversion.

  • You can make your books available at no charge for a limited time. You can enter the start and end dates for prices. To set the pricing duration, tap 'Show additional settings' under the price. Depending on the buyer's time zone, the price applies at 00:00 on the start date and expires at 23:59 on the end date. If your book should be available for sale after the promotional period ends, make sure that you provide a price that will apply afterwards.

  • You can choose to enable Digital Rights Management (DRM) on your books that are available at no charge. Digital content management can also be set on the 'Settings' tab.

Tip: Accounts created after July 2014 have currency conversion enabled by default.

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