[GA4] Share audiences in Google Analytics with your linked advertising products

How you can use the audiences you export from Analytics to your Google advertising products

Using audiences in Google Ads

Now that you've figured out which groups of users are important to you and why they're important (they are buyers, they forgot to buy), you should link your Analytics property to Google Ads and use your Analytics audiences in those campaigns.

There are two ways to use Analytics audiences in Google Ads:

  • As remarketing lists. A remarketing list is a list of users who have previously engaged with your site/app and who you want to appeal to again via one of your advertising campaigns. These could be, for example, users who left items in their carts or users who bought one item (skiis) but didn't buy a complementary item (ski poles).
  • As audience segments. In Google Ads, you can combine different audience segments to create new audiences. For example, you might use your Analytics audience of users who have made more than 5 purchases as one segment and combine that with a segment of users who have expressed an interest in men's apparel or women's apparel (or whatever type of merchandise you want to advertise).

In either case, once you've created a Google Ads audience based on your Analytics audience, the next step is to add that new audience to one of your Google Ads ad groups or campaigns so you can show ads to that group of users.

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Using audiences in Display & Video 360

If you've linked your Analytics property to Display & Video 360, there are three ways you can use your Analytics audiences there:

  • Create and manage audiences: Use your Analytics audiences as is or combine them with other audiences to create new ones.
  • Analyze your audiences: Analyze audience composition, create new audiences across data sets, and set frequency caps for how often ads appear to those audiences.
  • Target audiences: Use your Display & Video 360 audiences to focus your campaigns on the users you want to reach with your advertising.

When you link your Google Ads account to Display & Video 360, any of your Analytics audiences that you've exported to Google Ads and any of your Google Ads audiences that include Analytics audiences as segments are exported to Display & Video 360 along with all the rest of the Google Ads audiences.

Analytics audiences that contain demographics or interests data are not exported to Display & Video 360.

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Using audiences in Search Ads 360

If you've linked your Analytics property to Search Ads 360, your audiences are available to use in cross-channel remarketing (reengage customers who have clicked on your search, social, and display ads). Learn more

If you've linked your Analytics property to Google Ad Manager, there are two ways you can use your Analytics audiences there:

  • Target audiences: Use these segments to target line items to the highest value users.
  • Analyze audiences: Analytics audiences in Ad Manager reports and forecasts
  • If you are an eligible publisher and enabled for PPID targeting the identifiers will be automatically added to your existing Google Analytics 4 audiences. No additional setup is required.
  • Audiences that you export from Google Analytics 4 will always appear under the First-party tab in the Ad Manager user interface.
  • Audiences that contain demographics or interests data will not be exported.

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