Fix a problem with HTML5 ads

When creating HTML5 ads, it's possible that you may experience a problem. Below is a list of common issues that might occur when creating custom HTML ads, and how to fix them.

Issue: Creatives are missing text.

  • All non-ASCII characters must use UTF-8.

Issue: Preview does not click through.

  • Fully functioning preview is only available via the "View full size ad" link after saving the ad.
  • Clients must then copy/paste the URL in their browser.
  • Creatives will not click-through in the ad creation preview or the "View full size ad" preview pop-up



Requirements for using HTML5 ads

HTML5 ads are not available for all advertisers. You can submit a request to use HTML5 ads if they aren’t available in your account and your account meets the following requirements:

  • Has a good history of policy compliance.
  • Has a good payment history.
  • Has more than US$1000 total lifetime spend.

You’ll receive an email update when your request has been reviewed by the AdWords team. In the meantime, you can use other options like uploaded image ads and responsive ads.



You can’t preview a creative using 'touchstart/touchend' instead of ‘click’ using the normal Google Web Designer preview. Instead, enable device emulation in order to test it as though it's on a mobile or tablet device. 

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