Fix a problem with HTML5 ads

When creating HTML5 ads, it's possible that you may experience a problem. Below is a list of common issues that might occur when creating custom HTML ads, and how to fix them.

Issue: Creatives is missing text.

  • Must use UTF-8 for Non-ASCII characters. Make sure the encoding to ensure it’s UTF-8.

Issue: Preview does not click through.

  • Fully functioning preview is only available via the "View full size ad" link after saving the ad.
  • Clients must then copy/paste the URL in their browser.
  • Creatives will not click-through in the ad creation preview or the "View full size ad" preview pop-up



You can’t preview a creative using 'touchstart/touchend' instead of ‘click’ using the normal Google Web Designer preview. Instead, enable device emulation in order to test it as though it was on a mobile or tablet device. 

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