Finding the Right Mobile App Users: Google Best Practices

Official Guide to Finding Mobile App Users.

So you’ve got an amazing app to share with the world. That’s great. Only thing is - there are millions of other apps out there also trying to share the spotlight, or rather - phone screen. How will you find the right folks to download and use your mobile app?

This guide will help show you how to use Google AdWords to get as many of the right people to discover and use your app. So let’s get started. 

1. Promote your app with a Universal App campaign

  • Automate how you find the right people for your mobile app.

Why: Meet your goals faster with the help of machine learning to optimize your bids and ads.

Get started: Promote your app across Google, including Search, Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network with a Universal App campaign.

Read more about Universal App campaigns.

2. Track and measure your mobile app conversions

  • Track how people use your app.

Why: Identify who your valuable users are so that the campaign can find more people like them. 

Get started: Track in-app events using Google Analytics for Firebase.

 Read more about how to track in-app conversions.

3. Pick the right goal for your campaign

  • Determine what kind of users you’d like for your app.

Why: Tell your campaign what to optimize for.

Read more about your mobile app’s marketing goals. 

4. Show the best ad for your goal

  • Provide AdWords with your best creative assets.

Why: Universal App campaigns will use these assets to build ads optimized for your goal.

Read more about customizing your ads to reach your audience.


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