Finding the right mobile app users: Google Best Practices

Upload diverse assets to help App campaigns create ads

Creative assets are the ingredients that App campaigns uses to create ads. Launch each App campaigns with a variety of creative assets across text, video and image. Asset variety gives App campaigns more options to choose from when customizing an ad for someone.

Target countries broadly for the language of your ads

Google Ads won’t translate your ads, so pick the correct language for your ads when setting up your campaign. Then pick all the countries that have people who can speak that language. Targeting broadly lets App campaigns find more users who can meet your goal, further adding to the conversion data that Google Ads can learn from.


While App campaigns can automatically create image and video assets by using content from your app’s listing page, your long term goal should be to provide the maximum number of each asset type that’s allowed in App campaigns. 

Read on to learn how to make each asset type as useful as possible for App campaigns:

Write independent lines of text that vary in length

The text will be used in ads with different character limits for text on the Google Search Network and Google Display Network.

  • Write standalone phrases for each line of text using correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Google Ads will automatically mix and match each phrase to create the best ad.
  • Focus each independent phrase on a single selling point.
Add engaging videos that vary in length and aspect ratio

The video assets will be used in ads that appear on YouTube and the Google Display Network. Any shortage in your video assets can limit App campaigns’s ability to show ads in certain placements on YouTube and the Google Display Network.

  • Upload videos that vary in length between 10 to 30 seconds since people might have different attention spans depending on what they're doing when they see your ad.
  • Add video assets in different aspect ratios: landscape (16:9), portrait (2:3) and square (1:1) for the different ways that people hold their devices to watch video.
  • Make sure the video grabs the viewer’s attention immediately.
  • Include a call-to-action early on. Be clear what you want people to do next.
Upload high resolution images across the Google Display Network’s most popular ad sizes

Your image assets will be used to create ads for the Google Display Network.

  • Focus each image asset on one part of your app at a time.
  • Prioritize these popular sizes on the Google Display Network and use twice the pixel density of what’s listed below. For example, upload an image that’s 640x100 instead of 320x50. This will allow App campaigns to show higher quality images in your ads. 
Type Recommended Dimensions
Landscape Image 1200x628
Portrait Interstitial 320x480
Landscape Interstitial 480x320
Square 300x250
Banner 1 300x50
Banner 2 320x100
Banner 3 320x50
Leaderboard 728x90
Tablets 1024x768 and 768x1024


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