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Set up remarketing list sharing

A manager account can share tags and remarketing lists that they’ve created and own with some, or all, of its managed accounts. Manager accounts may also share remarketing lists from their managed accounts with other accounts that they manage.


Manager account A, oversees multiple individual accounts (managed accounts) B, C and D. When managed account B shares its remarketing lists with manager account A, manager account A can then share those remarketing lists with all of the other individual accounts that it’s the manager of (managed account C and D). The same logic will apply if, for instance, manager account A also manages another manager account, manager account E. Manager account A could share the remarketing lists from managed account B (if 'Remarketing account' is set to 'this manager') with the managed accounts under manager account E (or vica versa).

It can help to think of a manager account as being like a tree. Each top-level manager account can branch out to manage individual accounts or other manager accounts. Those manager accounts can then branch out to manage more individual accounts or other manager accounts, and so on.

Before you begin

It’s important to know that manager accounts need permission from individual managed accounts to share remarketing lists created and owned by a managed account. Only the administrative user on the managed account itself will be able to turn list sharing on or off. This can be done by enabling list sharing (instructions below).

Important: When sharing remarketing lists across accounts, remember that you may be sharing confidential or proprietary data. You should only share remarketing lists with other accounts if you've obtained permission from accounts that own them and such sharing doesn't violate any agreements that you have with those accounts.

For additional requirements and details about remarketing lists for search ads, see the Policy for remarketing lists for search ads.

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Common scenarios

  • If a manager account shares tags and lists with a managed account, the managed account will have access to any lists that the manager account creates (including future lists).
  • If a managed account has shared lists with a manager account, the manager account can share those lists with its other managed accounts.
  • If a remarketing tag isn't correctly implemented, the tag won't add website visitors to remarketing lists. This may limit or stop ads from showing. Any managed accounts using these lists may be affected.
  • If a managed account turns off list sharing, any managed account's ad groups that target these lists and any campaigns (on the Display network) that exclude these lists will stop running.
  • If a managed account's 'Remarketing account' is changed from one manager account to another manager account, the managed account will no longer have access to the associated tag and lists. Any ad groups or Display campaigns in these accounts that were using these lists will stop running as described in the previous paragraph.
  • If a manager changes a managed account's 'Remarketing account' from 'This manager' to 'Client', the managed account will lose access to the manager account's tag and lists. If the managed account was sharing their own lists, this change may affect ad groups and campaigns in other accounts that are targeting these lists.

Bear in mind

  • Only the owner of a shared list can edit it.
  • Any changes made to a shared list will be applied across accounts.
  • List owners can see which accounts have access to their lists by going to "Audiences" in "Shared library".
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