About suspended accounts

A suspended AdWords account can no longer run ads due to payment issues or violations of our policies or Terms & Conditions. In certain cases, you may be able to make changes to your website or business practices to get the suspension removed.

Why accounts get suspended

An account can get suspended if it breaks the rules or appears to be connected with another account that breaks the rules. Here are some examples:

  • You repeatedly violated our policies.
  • You violated our policies in a big way and put our users at risk.
  • You didn't successfully submit payment for your advertising costs.
  • Your account appears to be closely related to an already suspended account.

We suspend AdWords accounts to better protect our users from behavior that causes poor, or even harmful, experiences. We want everyone to have a safe and positive experience with Google ads.

What it means

When an account is suspended, we'll stop that account's ads from running. All related AdWords accounts will also be suspended along with any new accounts that you create in the future. If your account has any Merchant Center accounts linked, they may also be affected for the same suspension reason. You'll still be able to access your account and reports, but won't be able to continue advertising with AdWords.

What you can do

Some violations are so serious that we may decide that we can never accept advertising from you. However, for some other issues, there are different steps you can take depending on the type of issue that caused the suspension:

Policy violations

What happens: If you repeatedly violate our advertising policies, or violate our policies in a big way, we may suspend your AdWords accounts. When you violate these policies, we'll generally email you with a warning and a chance to fix the problem. However, if you violate our policies in a very big way, we may suspend your accounts right away, without prior notification, to help protect our users.

What you can do:

  1. Fix all the violations in your account. All of your disapproved ads must be either fixed or removed.
  2. Request an appeal. We allow you to appeal the decision if you fix the violations in your account and send us a report of the changes you've made. Note, however, that we can reinstate accounts only in compelling circumstances.

Malware violations: We'll suspend your account to help make sure that users aren't infected by your site. Review our malware policy to learn how to remove the malware and submit your site to be checked again.

Payments: Unpaid balance & chargebacks
What happens: When we don't receive payment for your advertising costs, we'll temporarily suspend your AdWords account until you're able to pay your balance. We also suspend accounts if you dispute a charge with your credit card company instead of paying your balance.

What you can do: If you want to continue advertising, here's what to do:

  1. Pay your balance on your main Billing page.
  2. Contact us to let us know that you've paid.
  3. If you pay for AdWords with your bank account, you'll also need to send us proof of payment for your last three payments. Proof could be a scanned copy of your bank statement or a screenshot of your online banking account showing your account balance, the payments made to Google, and the name on the bank account.
Payments: Suspicious behavior
Your account can be suspended if we see suspicious behavior in your payment activity such as using a stolen credit card.
Unauthorized access

What happens: If we see unauthorized access attempts or activity in your AdWords account, we'll suspend your account to help protect your security and prevent unwanted charges to you.

What you can do: Report the issue and we'll help secure your account so that you can start advertising again.

Other violations

What happens: Your account can be suspended if we find that you violate the AdWords Terms & Conditions. Examples include misusing promotional codes and using dishonest business practices.

What you can do: If you believe that your account was suspended in error, contact us through the AdWords Help Center. However. please know that if there is still a major problem with your account, it will remain suspended.

If you made manual payments and have credit remaining in your account, you might be able to request a refund for those unused funds.

If you decide that you'd like to cancel your account, you can do so at any time. You'll still be able to sign in to a suspended or canceled account to review your campaigns, but your ads will not run.

Help prevent a suspension

  • Every time your ad or site is disapproved, fix the violation as soon as you can. If you strongly believe that there was a mistake, contact the AdWords support team.
  • On your account's "Notification settings" page, be sure to keep your contact information current so you don't miss important notifications. Make sure you haven't opted out of receiving disapproval emails.
  • Review and understand the AdWords policies. See our policy change log to help stay up to date.
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