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Understanding your campaign status

The "Status" column of your "All campaigns" page tells you whether your campaigns are active or not, and whether your campaign is limited by budget. When you check your account alerts and top-level statistics, review the "Status" column to see if your campaigns are running as you'd expect, or address any issues that may be holding up your campaign.

Where to find your campaign status

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Click the Campaigns tab to get to the "All campaigns" page.


    If you want to change the status of a video campaign, click the All video campaigns link in the lower right corner of the page and follow the same instructions below.

  3. Look for the "Status" column, next to the "Budget" column.
Campaign status

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How to interpret your campaign status

The "Status" column from the "All campaigns" page displays information about the current state of each campaign in your account at the time you sign in to your AdWords account. From this page, you can see the status of every campaign that you've ever created and detect any unexpected problems with your campaigns.

If you find that your campaign isn't running as you expected, then visit the "Ad groups", "Ads" and "Keywords" tabs from your AdWords campaign page to check your ad group status, ad status and keyword status, and to resolve any issues that could be preventing your ads from serving. For video campaigns, visit the “Ads”, “Videos” and “Targets” tabs in your “All video campaigns” page to resolve any issues that could be keeping your video ads from serving.

Here are the different types of campaign statuses, what they mean and what to do next:


Campaign status

What it means

Next step

Eligible Active and can show ads. If your campaign is marked "Eligible" but you’re still not seeing your ad, find out why and fix it.
Paused Inactive because you paused it. Pausing a campaign means that your ads don't show or accumulate new costs until resumed. Find out how to resume your campaign.
Removed Inactive because you removed it. Removing a campaign permanently deletes it. You cannot resume a campaign after you remove it. Learn more about creating and managing multiple campaigns.
Pending Inactive but scheduled to begin at a future date. Find out how to change your campaign’s start date.
Ended Inactive because it's past its scheduled end date. Find out how to change your campaign’s end date.
Suspended Inactive because your prepaid account balance has run out. Suspended accounts don't show ads or accumulate new costs until additional funds are added under "Billing". Find out how to add funds to your pre-paid account balance.
Limited by budget Active, but showing ads only occasionally due to budget constraints. You can place your mouse over the bubble next to this status to see your "Recommended budget". Learn more about budget recommendations, then adjust your campaign's budget.


Click the heading of the "Status" column to sort your campaigns by status.

Filter campaigns to view "all", "all enabled" or "all but removed" campaigns

If you have a lot of campaigns, or you only want to see a certain type of campaign, you can refine the types of campaigns you see on your “All campaigns” page.

  1. To get to your "All campaigns" page, go to the main "Campaigns" tab and click the "All campaigns" link on the side navigation bar.
  2. Click the drop-down button just below the Campaigns tab on the page and choose whether you’d like to see "all enabled” campaigns or “all but removed” campaigns.
  3. You can always return to the complete list by clicking “all” on the same drop-down menu.
Filter campaigns
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