Fix a suspended site

If your ad is marked "Site suspended," it means that it's disapproved because the website promoted in your ad violates one or more of our site policies. To protect the experience and safety of our users, we won't show any ads that point to that site until the site follows our policies.

How to fix a site policy issue

Here's how to get your ads up and running:

  1. Find out why your site was suspended.
  2. Make changes to your site as needed.
  3. Resubmit your site to us for review.

Step 1: Find out why your site was suspended.

You'll typically receive an email from that includes a link to more information about the one or more policies that your site violates and how to fix those problems. If you didn't receive an email from us or need more help, you can use this form to contact us for help understanding what policy your ad violates.

Here are some examples of our site policies:

   Lack of unique content on your site

  • Arbitrage (websites that are designed for the sole or primary purpose of showing ads)
  • Mirroring and framing (websites that copy the content of other websites)
  • Parked domain (websites that don't provide the user with unique and valuable content)

   Technical issues on your site

  • Malware (websites that are infected with malware or that sell malicious software)
  • Personal information (websites that collect sensitive personal information while not being hosted on a secure "https" server)

   Misleading user experience

  • Bridge page (webpages that include a "doorway" page whose main purpose is sending visitors to a different site)
  • User safety (websites and businesses that appear to be generally deceptive or misleading, and/or violate our Terms and Conditions)
  • Sale of free items (websites that sell items or services that are otherwise available for free)
  • Implied affiliation (websites that imply an affiliation, partnership, or any special relationship with Google or any unrelated third party without explicit authorization)
  • Unclear billing (websites whose checkout processes don't provide transparent billing or pricing models)
  • Counterfeit (websites that promote non-genuine products in an attempt to pass themselves off as the genuine product)

   List of all Adwords policies

Step 2: Make changes to your website.

Once you understand the policy that your site violates, make the necessary changes to your website in order to fix the policy issue. The steps you need to take will depend on the policy, so refer to that policy's page for details on what changes you should make.

Please note that not all policy violations are fixable. We've had to make the decision about the types of websites that we won't accept in order to protect our users. If you're unable to fix your site or if you don't want to, we unfortunately won't be able to run your ads for that site.

Step 3: Resubmit your site to us for review.

Once you've made the necessary changes to your site, please contact us using the link below to request a review of your site.
Request a re-review

Please do not submit your sites for review until you're sure that the violations are fixed. This is important because if your ads or sites are repeatedly disapproved for violating our advertising policies, your AdWords account could be suspended so that your ads would no longer run.

If our review shows that you fixed all policy violations, we can re-enable your site and approve your ads to start running again. If your ads remain disapproved, see how to resubmit your ads for approval.

We review most sites within 3 business days. We'll email you once our review is finished.