Find and fix rejected creatives

After a creative is reviewed, you can find the status in the Creative status tab and in the DV360 status and Exchange status columns in your advertiser's list of creatives.

  • If your creative is rejected because of content in the creative itself, you can edit the creative to fix the problem. The creative will be reviewed again after you save it.
  • If your creative is rejected because of landing page problems, you can either use a different landing page or get the landing page fixed and resubmit the creative for approval.
  • If your creative has a policy restriction applied that you do not agree with, you may be able to dispute the decision.

Find all rejected creatives in your advertiser or campaign

You can find rejected creatives using the Intelligence panel in your advertiser or campaign tabs, or in your advertiser's list of creatives.

  1. Open your advertiser in Display & Video 360.
  2. Click the name of a campaign to open it.
  3. If the Intelligence panel isn't open, click Intelligence .
    • If there are rejected creatives in the campaign, you'll see an alert in the panel with the number of rejected creatives.
    • If there's no alert, all of the creatives in your campaign are eligible to serve.
  4. If there's a rejected creatives alert, click Investigate. A panel slides open with a list of rejected creatives.
  5. For each rejected creative, click Review creative to open it and review the feedback in the Creative status tab. 

Fix creative content issues

If your creative doesn't work properly or includes prohibited content, the Display & Video 360 status is Rejected and the creative cannot serve. Review your creative and make changes to fix the problem and restart creative review.

  1. Open the creative.
  2. Click Creative status.
  3. Click the review that's rejected . Review the feedback to understand the problem. For more information about common rejection reasons and how to fix them, follow these guides:
  4. If you make changes to fix the problem with the creative in Display & Video 360, the creative will be automatically resubmitted for review. If you make changes to the creative to fix the problem outside Display & Video 360, you'll need to resubmit for approval.

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