Enable user metrics for your apps

Note: The features described in this article are not yet available. This article will be updated with instructions for enabling user metrics when it’s available in the AdMob user interface. 

Enabling user metrics will give you access to new data and powerful reports, such as the rewarded report, that may help inform your monetization strategy. 

AdMob will begin reporting on sessions per user, session duration, ad exposure per session, daily active users (DAU), and more. Over time, as user metrics evolve, additional metrics and report types will become available.

To prepare for the launch of user metrics, be sure that you’ve upgraded to the latest Google Mobile Ads SDK:

  • 17.5.0 or later for Android 
  • 7.44 or later for iOS 

Detailed instructions for enabling user metrics will be added to this article when user metrics are available in AdMob. 

See the screenshot below for a preview of enabling user metrics.

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