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AdMob sign-up errors

Are you encountering an error when you try to sign up for AdMob? We're here to help!

Sign-up errors may be related to your existing AdSense or Google accounts. The information below is provided to help you resolve some of these issues. 

Note: If you've previously used AdMob, you'll need to sign up again using an email address that you’ve never used for AdMob. Each user may only have one AdMob account at any given time. Duplicate accounts aren’t allowed. Still having trouble? Check out this troubleshooter
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Ad sense logo.AdSense-related sign-up errors

These are some of the common AdSense errors that you may encounter when signing up for AdMob. 

Your AdSense account (Publisher ID: pub-XXXX) has been terminated.

The Google account that you’re using to sign up for AdMob is associated with a terminated AdSense account. According to the AdSense Terms and Conditions, a publisher whose AdSense account has been terminated or disabled cannot participate in the AdMob programme. 

This AdSense account is not a self-service account. AdMob does not support this type of sign-up. If your account is directly managed by Google, please contact your Account Manager to create your AdMob account.

The Google account that you’re using to sign up for AdMob is associated with an AdSense account that isn’t self-service. This means you may have a Google account manager who manages your account for you. 

You will need to contact your Google account manager to create an AdMob account. 

You do not have access to the AdSense account (Publisher ID: pub-XXXX) that is connected to your AdMob account.

There are a few different reasons you could lose access to your AdSense account:

  • You may have been removed from the AdSense account by an administrator. Contact the account administrator directly. Note: Please be aware that Google AdSense and AdMob are unable to mediate access disputes between users.
  • Your AdSense account may have been cancelled by you or an account administrator. Note: If your account was cancelled, you'll need to apply for a new account.
  • Your AdSense account may have been disabled or terminated due to failure to comply with policies.
  • AdSense Terms and Conditions
  • AdSense programme policies
  • Common reasons why AdSense accounts are disabled
Note: You may need to sign in to AdSense directly to explore this issue. You can try using the AdSense login troubleshooter to investigate.
Your AdSense account needs to be verified. Please complete the AdSense account phone verification before signing up for AdMob.
Your AdSense account may need to be verified by phone. 
Click the link in the error message to go to AdSense and verify your account. Follow the on-screen prompts to send a text (SMS) message or voice phone call to your phone containing your verification PIN number.
There was a problem with your AdSense account. To sign up for AdMob, you may need to resubmit your AdSense application.
Your existing AdSense account may need to be approved before you can use the Google Account that it’s associated with to sign up for AdMob. If you’ve tried to sign up for AdSense before, there may have been a problem with your application. Before you can sign up for AdMob, you’ll need to resubmit your AdSense application and have it approved. 

Google account logo.Google Account-related sign-up errors

These are some of the common Google account errors you may encounter when signing up for AdMob.

Your Google Account is missing your date of birth. To proceed, please update your details here and try again.

Your Google Account needs to be updated with your date of birth before you can sign up for AdMob. 

You must have 'Edit users and roles' permission in your Ad Manager account to create an AdMob account.
In order to create an AdMob account, you must have a user role with the "Edit users and roles" permission in your existing Google Ad Manager account.

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