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Link your apps to Firebase

Link your apps to Firebase

Link your AdMob app(s) to Firebase so that you can use your linked Google Analytics account data in AdMob and have your AdMob ad-revenue data available in Analytics for improved monetization reporting.

To use your Google Analytics for Firebase data in AdMob, your Firebase project must be linked to your Google Analytics account. 

How to link Firebase to your AdMob account

By linking AdMob to Firebase, your Google Analytics data will be available to AdMob independent of your Google Analytics Data Sharing Settings. This allows your Analytics data to flow to AdMob to enhance product features and improve app monetization.

Turn on the setting for impression-level ad revenue in your AdMob account
If you link to Firebase to export ad revenue data to Google services such as Firebase, Google Ads, and Google Analytics, you must ensure that you enable impression-level ad revenue first in order to avoid any AdMob ad revenue data disruption in Firebase A/B tests, Google Ads tROAS, and Google Analytics reporting.
Learn more about impression-level ad revenue.

Complete the steps below to link your apps to Firebase.

  1. Sign in to your AdMob account at
  2. Click Settings in the sidebar.
  3. Click the Linked services tab. 
  4. Click Expand in the row of the app you want to link to Firebase.
  5. Click the toggle to turn on Firebase linking. 
  6. Select a linking option:

    Link to an existing Firebase app and project

    Use this option if you have an existing Firebase app that you want to link to your AdMob app.
    1. Then, click Link app.

    Create a new app in an existing Firebase project

    Use this option if you already have a Firebase project but don't have a Firebase app that you want to link to your AdMob app. Firebase will automatically create a Firebase app that's modeled after your AdMob app.
    Note: Adding a new app to an existing Firebase project will remove any historical user metrics data for the app. We recommend keeping all versions of an app (iOS and Android) in a single Firebase project. If you want to keep the app's historical data, however, consider creating a new project instead. Learn more about the best practices for using Firebase.
    1. Then, click Create app and link.  

    Create a new Firebase app and project

    Use this option if you need both a Firebase project and a Firebase app. After you create a new Firebase project, Firebase will automatically create a Firebase app that's modeled after your AdMob app.
    1. Click Go to Firebase

Visit the Firebase documentation to learn how to take advantage of more features available through Google Analytics and Firebase, like logging custom events in your app, custom conversions, and growing your app with other Firebase products.

Permission required for linking

In order to link an AdMob app to Firebase, you must have the following permissions for AdMob, Firebase, and Google Analytics:


If you’ve received an error while trying to link your AdMob app to Firebase, review the most common causes of linking errors.

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